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Hey guys I started this thread to let people ask questions to one another as to when we say certain hymns
So to start things off when do we say the long ti galellia? I know we say it during the beshara aka anunnication when else and why?


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    It can be said during a few times of the year. Technically you can say it during any tasbeha when you say the wednesday theotokias. But it is usually reserved for greater ones such as during lent and kiahk. It is also said during the feasts of the Lord's entry into the temple and His entry into Egypt. 
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    If I'm being a strict rites follower, I wouldn't sing it during midnight chants except in Kiahk and Lent. Pretty much the case with danan. It's not that it's nice so we can say it annually but I'm aware of the modern teachings of course and how the nice long hymns could be sung annually due to popular demand. Not the same case with the Kiahkly psalm 150 you know but I won't be surprised!
  • What is danan? @ophadece 
    I agree. 
  • @lfahmy danan = tenen
  • Tigalilia is said during vespers praise of Kiahk and Lent and there is an equivalent hymn for each of the Batos days. The Didymus institute teaches that it is not chanted in midnight praises.

    Also it is chanted during the procession on the feasts of The Circumcision and The Entry into The Temple as these were both events fulfilling the law. There is actually no original source to say it is chanted on the feast of The entrance into Egypt apart from Ibrahim Ayad's verbal recording and Albeir's deacons service book.
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    Knowing what danan is, I agree with you ophadece. And drew, so then why does albair leave out the circumcision? Where did this inconsistency come from?
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    That's interesting because I learnt that digaleleya is treated the same way like aradantondi during midnight chants as well as next to last parts of Thursday and Friday!
  • I agree with drew. This rule is actually applied to every 8th part of the 4 watos theotokias. I have heard recordings for Thursday and Friday theotokia 8th part.....
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    So you agree with me and not @drewhalim, right?
  • I guess i didn't make myself clear enough and didn't read enough of the comments. I agree with Drew when he said that the hymns are NOT to be said in midnight praises. Are-tenthonti was recorded to be chanted for Lent and Kiahk Vespers praises.

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    Thanks for your reply. I did think they could be said in midnight praises too but I guess I am mistaken..
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