Latest Pic of Abune Antonios - Patriarch of Eritrea

After not knowing what happened to our Patriarch for more
than seven years we are comforted to hear news of his wellbeing even though he is still under house arrest. Upon his arrest he famously spoke comparing his monastic cell with a prison cell and said “A monk before and shall remain a monk”.

The 87 year old Patriarch’s only request, as reported by his
recent contact, is “I want to spend my last days in a monastery?”
A request denied by the government. Is this too much to ask???

In Christ



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    Lord have mercy!
  • thanks for posting, i always like to have more news of him.
    may God give him peace always.
    so good to hear the patriarch is praying for the Christian people, he is a true servant of God.
  • so I was reading the Eritrea has an Orthodox majority, why is the persecution then? or it's a different case?
  • Because the dictator thinks he can dictate who can rule the church. So he appointed a different patriarch who we don't recognize. His policies are in general oppressive even in non-religious standards. Very often you hear of an Eritrean sports teams who didn't take the plane back to their home country, preferring to hide in the host country as refugees.
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