Hymns history section next to each hymn and other requests

Irini nem ehmot

I am wondering if the Tasbeha.org team can introduce with the help of the community a section or a tab next to each hymn that introduces the history of the hymn, who wrote it and when/why was it added to the prayers. it would be very beneficial.

also, if there will be a permanent place that mention when is each hymn said. some have while other don't. it will be great if there is textblock dedicated to it.

one last request, is to have links next to each hymn for its 'hazzaat'. that will create a rich library for the hymnology.

Peace and Grace


  • That's a great idea if admin want to go through with I would be willing to help with the Grace of God

    God Bless
  • The problem with hazzat is that unless someone has a pointer or flash program lighting up the "hazza" for you while the hymn is playing, it is very difficult to follow along and learn. The best way to learn I find is to create your own hazzat system.

    But I would support an encyclopedic effort on the history and theology of hymns. Absolutely, I think that's important, and quite under-appreciated at times.
  • I don't know who the admin or the web developers are, if someone can let them know, that would be great. it should be open to people to edit it (like Wiki) with references.

    Also, for 'hazzat', it doesn't have to be real time, just a myriad viewable images on the side or downloadable pdfs as different people have different styles of doing it.. One place that has them all rather looking them all individually
  • the history needs to happen it'll be awesome however the hazzat idea is fraught with problems 
  • I like the hymns history and rites wikipedia idea...

    call it "tuqsipedia"? ;)
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  • probably not a separate pedia, but a tab inside the hymn page that contains those info
  • support + bump
    history/contemplation of the hymn would be nice
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