Personal retreats to monasteries.

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I received the okay from my Father of Confession and my parents to go to St. Mary St. Moses monastery in Texas (I went on a church retreat before) for a week. I am confused by the process of requesting the retreat from the monastery. Do I send in a letter from my Father of Confession first? Then buy plane tickets and fill the online application? Has anyone done this before? Any advice? Should I just call the monastery and ask? Thank you
PiEkhristos Aftonf!


  • Did you send the letter in first? Will they write back and then I Can buy tickets? Whats the order of actually applying?
  • i would register and put in the days you are going to be there. Also, get the foc letter around the same time and fax it or wait when they get back to you. You can email them the letter, you can confirm the days are available because there is limited space. the monastery will only give you a ride from and to Corpus Christi airport. So after you confirm that there is space, you buy flights and let them know of the arrival and departure time to setup a ride. 
  • Thanks So much. I hope you benefit spiritually in your retreat. Pray for me!
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