+ God willing, I will be traveling to Egypt this summer. Is it ok if I confess to a priest over there since I am ashamed to confront my father of confession about some stuff. Abouna and I have such an amazing relationship and I don't want to ruin it. Ekhristos Anesty. Christ is risen. Thank you all and God bless +


  • In general, it's possible to confess to a priest on the phone and have another in person absolve you...but only if both are in contact.
  • Your relationship with abouna won't change because you confess something you're embarrassed about. If he's anything like my Father of Confession he has a BILLION other things to do the second he's done taking confessions, so it will be out of mind and sight faster than you imagine. By the grace of God, our fathers the priests are very humble and always have their own sins in front of them. They don't have the strength to judge you in the presence of their own imperfections. There is nothing wrong with confessing with another priest but please be honest and don't hold back from your confessions, especially with your Spiritual Father. He is entrusted with your salvation, and his own depends on yours, don't make it harder for him! ;D God bless you. 
    Pi`<rictoc Aftwnf!

  • are you able to ask your priest if it's ok to confess when you are in egypt?
    it's worth getting his opinion on this.

    when i moved house far away, i asked my priest if i could confess in the new place. i was really worried what he would think as i knew he hoped we would come back and visit and i knew he really wanted to keep in touch.
    but he was fine about it and even told me who i should confess to and gave me some information about this other priest who he knew really well (i would never have guessed they knew each other).
    so just say you'll be away a while and ask is it ok if you confess over there.
    then if you can, tell him more.
    may God guide you.
  • +Christ is risen!

    Hi, I'm answering this one as a priest. :)

    Bless the Lord - it's alright to confess to someone else, the sacrament itself requires only that you are repentant and then that you say it before a priest, so you do not need to worry about whether or not you are "permitted" to say it to another priest.

    The real issue is why you would be afraid of "ruining" the relationship with your current FOC. Your FOC is supposed to be a guide, so knowing everything about you helps him guide you as a whole. If you fell, no big deal, we all do, but it's important for him to see what kind of things are leading you to those falls to work on it together so that you grow. It's not because of rules, it's supposed to be because you want to grow.

    If someone wants to lose weight for example, and starts going to the gym, and you have a trainer helping you, he's going to want to know what's going on with you. If you're hardcore working out but losing no weight, because you are secretly snacking on crazy amounts of sugar, well… how can he train you if that's not disclosed? So try and take that spirit, but definitely don't worry about confessing to another priest.

    pray for me,
    [father] antony paul
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