Morning Doxology, Urgent

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Hi to all;
I need, it is very urgent, the text in Coptic, English and Arabic for the Morning Doxolgy, it begin with: We worship the Father and the Son and the Holy Sprit, Peace to the Church, the house of the Angels.


  • Hey Abrami,

    Did you find the text or are you still looking? It's been a while that's why i'm asking :)

  • I did not receive any notification for posting only yours; also, i did visit the forum in the days after my posting of the 1st message to find if there is a reply.
    I only found the coptic one just one week ago by chance, but it was too late, because we needed it for the Easter Feast.
    the site for the coptic version is
    I still need the arabic and english version of the doxology.
  • Hello abrami,

    Try this web site :

    Morning Doxology starts on page 115, It is in the form of pdf. it takes long time to fill, so be patient.

    It is in Arabic, English and Coptic.

    Sorry for replying late, may be you posted it during the Holy week.

    May the Lord bless you.
  • Thanks
    But I need it as a text so i can copy it and past it in the book for the church, we dont have anybody can type the arabic text in our church.
    I only have the coptic text in the font CS Ava Shenouda.
    Thanks again for your help
  • here's a part in english, taken from the Seven Melodies hymn:

    O True Light: that gives light: to every man: that comes into the world.

    You came into the world: through Your love for man: and all the creation: rejoiced at Your coming.

    You saved Adam: from seduction: and delivered Eve: from the pangs of death.

    You gave unto us: the Spirit of Sonship: we praise and bless You: with Your angels.

    As the morning hour: dawns upon us: O Christ our God: the True Light.

    Let enlightened thoughts: shine within us: and do not let the darkness: of pain overcome us.

    That we may praise You: with understanding: proclaiming and saying: with David.

    �My eyes have awaken: before the morning hour: that I may meditate: upon all your words.�

    Hear our cries: according to Your great mercy: save us O Lord our God: according to your compassion.

    O God the concerned: Maker of all good things: the Good Provider: of His chosen.

    The Mighty Provider: for those who flee to Him: who desires all: to be saved and delivered.

    You gave us the night: grant this day to pass: through Your goodness: without sin.

    That we may be worthy: to lift up our hands: before you without: anger or malice.

    This morning: facilitate our comings: and our goings: in the joy of Your protection.

    That we may daily: proclaim Your righteousness: and praise Your power: with David the Prophet.

    Saying �Through Your peace: O Christ our Savior: we slept and awoke: for we relied on You.�

    �Behold, how good: and how pleasant it is: for brethren to dwell: together in unity.�

    Harmoniously: in the true: evangelical love: as the Apostles.

    It is like the precious oil: on the head of Christ: running down the beard: down to the feet.

    That anoints everyday: the elders: the children and youth: and the deacons.

    Those whom the Holy Spirit: has tuned together: like a harp: always praising God.

    With Psalms and hymns: and spiritual songs: day and night: with an unceasing heart.

    i have the coptic, but i guess u have that alread, i will recheck for the arabic, i should have it somewhere.
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