Character Maligning

Why does it seem that people get more upset over their character and wether it is being maligned or not, rather than the character of the church being maligned? I have experienced people who essentially deface the church, while thinking they are defending it, but then get upset about the response to their stupidity and consider the response as a character assassination? 


  • We live in the age of the 'I" "Me". "My opinion" is relevant because God gave me a brain. People don't realize that some opinions are mere nonsense and that obedience and respect ought to take precedence over any 'contribution' we can make.
    This is why the church is fractured and will continue to be split because everyone has become a self made theologian, spiritualist, etc. 
    While there's nothing wrong with presenting opinions and views, it's become the culture of the west to turn everything into a rebellion, a revolution, things must always be changed and bettered, refined.
    We will continue to see this until the church faces real persecution again and people will come to the realization that one's opinion is just that, an opinion, and not everything needs to be pushed and fought for. Not everything should be considered a noble cause. Just because I'm feeling something is necessary, it doesn't follow that I have to push the church to accept it or try it out. Unfortunately things will get worse before they get better. But speaking the truth is always important accompanied by prayer and a firm resolve that God will not abandon the church because she has seen the worst of times in the past and came out a polished diamond. 

  • That is so true. It just gets me that when I try to defend the church by using the same approach as the other person, then I am the bad guy or the threatening guy. Its not even amusing anymore to see such stupidity.
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