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everybody! I have started my blog over with a new goal in mind...if you
would like to, please follow it and let me know what your questions,
comments, and concerns are! Also, as my introduction states, this blog
is going to present reviews of Orthodox books on particular topics...if
you would like to see a particular topic researched, PLEASE email me at
the blog's email: [email protected] or simply send me a personal
message. Please pray for this service!

"The Orthodox faith is beautiful and offers such depth you will not and cannot find anywhere else!" -Confessions Blog


  • Justice has served!
  • I'm sorry, I do not catch your meaning...?
  • My apologies. I thought you were a youstina girguis I know. We call her justice as a Nick name
  • I thought it was Yousie Giurgis too! She is a great apologist!
  • St. Pachom,

    Yes, my name is Youstina Guirguis too but I don't recall having "justice" as a nickname haha :)


    I don't know about "great apologist" but it's me...formerly GODlovesme on here before it reverted everyone back to their original username they signed up with!!
  • You are a lovely apologist Yousie, my dearest sister. I look up to you, even though you look like you are 12.
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