last things

So something i was wondering since i can not find an artical on this.
I doubt there a hard and fast thing on this since i think it unclear in the bible.
Whats happens at death?
Cathoics and eastern orthodox have it very differently. Lutherans, calvinst, methodist all have different ideas.
So what about the oriental church?


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    You are judged according to the deeds which you have done... and you either go to heaven or hell... no such thing as purgatory in the Orthodox Church. Only the Catholics believe in purgatory.
  • What happens between someone dying and judgement day?

    Is it better off for those who don't have to wait a long time after death until the end if the world?
  • This is where it gets confusing to me.
    Do we just sleep?
    Wait in hades\sheol?
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