going to other OO churches

hi guys i was wondering if i need permission from my FOC to go to another OO (Oriental Orthodox) church... or can i just go without any thing...


  • you don't need permission we have full communion 
  • i understand we are in full communion but maybe the priest from the other church needs to know for sure that i'm Coptic Orthodox... i don't know?
  • if you have time, then contact the priest before to say you are going, otherwise just go.
    if you are early, speak to a priest or subdeacon so they know you intend to take Holy Communion.
    if you are brown or have a traditional style cross tattoo, then these suggestions are less important!

  • What is FOC?
  • edited March 2014
    it stands for father of confession :) and thanks mabsoota...... do u think i can dress as a deacon? i did before but that was because an indian orthodox group was at the monastery...
  • You need to seek permission, only because you are not ordained a 'deacon' of that particular parish. The same would go for visiting any other Coptic church apart from your home church.
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