Meghaloo Mlm. Zaher

I was wandering if anyone knew where moallem Zaher got the fast tunes for the second two verses of Meghaloo? and Are we allowed to say it during church services?

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  • The fast tune for the second and third verses are originally from Alexandria. Personally I have been saying the verses for the last few years as at least the hymn is said in its entirety. I do know that the chorus that appears on ME Sat with Muallem Gad Louis and Reda Barsoum have recorded the second and third verses in the same tune as the first. This is appreciated and I know their source for the stops was Muallem Tawfiq. However it is not always practical to say all three verses taking nearly half an hour, otherwise fine if you can.
  • The second and third verses in the short tune are taken from Alexandria. Muallem Habib el Mirahem used to sing the hymn this way. Afterwards Muallem Zaher recorded them and it became widespread. Personally, I love it this way and it makes a lot more sense than jumping into the Trisagion and then into Apenchois. 
  • If you have the recording with Muallem Gad and Reda Barsoum please send or post the link
  • Thanks a lot guys, and i do agree with you Drew that it is not always practical to sya a half an hour hymn and I also agree with Christ_rose that it does make more sense this way. I would also like to hear the one you mentioned with mlm. Gad.

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  • You can find a download link of the three verse version here:
  • Has anyone else found an issue with audio in this video?
  • I Kinda don' wana post this but please ignore the last post it tuns out I left my computer muted from school!

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  • is there an audio file for this? I tried to convert from video to audio but the format is difficult.
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    I have managed to rip the audio from the file and it can be downloaded from here
  • This file you ripped is the complete long version of Meghalo similar to Mlm Tawfik. Do you have a recording of the tune from Alexandria?
  • Yes I cans end it to you by email a little later today... Or you can listen to it now on my soundcloud... My name on there is Danny dandoona girgis
  • @minatasgeel 

    I just wanted to clarify some of the points about Meghalo because i saw an older post and there seemed to be confusion. Meghalo was originally said in its entirety by muallem tawfik. He was said to have learned it from muallem mikhail. i am in the process now of looking for a recording of meghalo for muallem mikhail anyway. However, the verses themselves were always existent. It seems as though people cut them out for lack of time. Since the verses end in the rest of the parts of the trisagion, they took the tune of the annual trisagion and continued it. Muallem Farag used to say "who was crucified for us" "ostavrotheis dimas" but he is the only muallem who used to say that. Muallem Fahim did not say it. And then they would continue into eleyson emas and follow it with apenchois. 

    Muallem Habib el Mirahim recorded meghalo with the first verse long and then says the second and third in a short tune. Muallem Habib is also the source of hymns like shere theotoke and Teen Anastaseen. It seems to me as though he is the source for tunes that are originally greek, which are taken into the church and used perhaps a little bit differently. Regardless, muallem habib then sings apenchois in an alexandrian tune. 

    Muallem Zaher then recorded those two verses in the tune that muallem habib used. Following him, other cantors started to chant those two verses in that way. In the papal visit to St. Mary and St. Athansius church last year these short verses were also said. I will speak to Muallem Ibrahim in regards to these things and find out more information. 

    Here is a link to a folder that I put together on dropbox for a bunch of recordings of meghalo. It includes the recording that has been addressed in this forum already. 

  • Please let me know what you guys think :) 

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