Commemoration of Patriarchs

Why do we only commemorate HH Ignatius Zakka Iwas and HH Abune Antonius but not HH Karekin II of Armenia, HH Abuna Mathias of Ethiopia and HG Paulose II?


  • Abouna Metias of the Church of Ethiopia should now be added but i heaven't sent a book that is printed recent enough to have it. I am not sure about the Patriarchs of the Armenian church
  • What about the others?
  • I would think we can mention any of the Oriental Orthodox Patriarchs (i.e. the partners of HH Pope Tawadrous). We've been saying Abouna Metias (and before him Abouna Paulos) for years because we have a large number of Ethiopians who pray with us
  • Actually, for abouna Mettias, we only began when both Churches signed official documents for it.  
  • But what about Karekin II of Armenia? And can we commemorate Paulose II of the Malankara syriac church? He's only a Catholicos, but he leads that church.
  • I think it all depends on the other church also mentioning our Pope's name in their liturgy.
  • yes, it needs a formal agreement before it happens.

    please remember aboune antonius of the eritrean orthodox church in your prayers and the hundreds of other Christians who suffer for their faith by imprisonment and persecution.
    may God comfort them and all eritreans who work for peace.
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