Listening to Liturgy while being seated

Peace and Grace, 

I know it's sound stupid or a bit Pharisee-ic but it bothers me sometimes.

When you're listening to the Liturgy while studying or whatever and the deacons says: " You who are seated stand" or "Worship God with fear and trembling". I kinda feel wrong that I am sitting here, "metraba3" and actually not revering the word of God the way I do when I hear the same thing in Church.

Backed-up feedback are quite appreciated. 

Tishepehmot entooten


  • lol. Do you know that i went to a retreat with someone COULD NOT sleep without listening to a liturgy on his laptop...And it was weird listening to a liturgy of Abouna Boutros El-gabalawy in the middle of the night through the whole build, coming out of his room. But it was actually nice to hear...and none minded because it was an alhan retreat.

  • Mina, tell me more about this "alhan retreat". (It already sounds awesome
  • lol. It was with the seraphim chorus, atleast 4-5 years ago. we're all alhan crazy so the modo of the retreat was, someone is always singing something.....or listening to something. it was fun.
  • Can there be big conventions for Psaltos, Anaghnostes, and Sub Deacons? Just giant hymn retreats? ECCYC Deacon's week? 
  • i don't think that's possible. 
  • Please don't listen to the liturgy while driving :-)

    I would say you don't need to stand and aren't even expected to. But if you are compelled to, I can't say there is anything wrong with it. 

    However, if you are not actively participating (reading the Bible, praying the liturgy, etc), and what you are doing does not require active participation, I don't think you need to burden yourself unnecessarily.

    BUT, this is coming from a guy who can hardly stand through a whole liturgy... 
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