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Hey Guys,

For those of you who may not know there is a Coptic Orthodox school in Montréal and for years we have had problems finding a good spot for it. The school has moved several times over the past few years and it's been difficult finding a place where the "Governements de Québec et Canada" will let us build. We finally placed a bid on a piece of land that is already zoned as a school. If the bid is accepted it will solve a lot of problems for the 4 churches in Montréal. Please remember the school in your prayers and inchallah it will all work out.



  • rabina ma3akom Fadi...

    i'm sure, God willing, all will go well for the school and Churches...

    it's in my prayers...

    take care and God bless
  • Its in my prayers 4 sure, I hope the school gets the zone! That would be awesome, hopefully its in God's plan.

    Good luck and update us! ;D
  • That would make it the second Coptic Orthodox School in Canada :D:D:D:D DUDE I"M ROUTING FOR U...and we'll all put a special call to the Big Boss.
  • Special prayers on behalf of everyone at St-Georges & St-Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church in Montreal!!! ;D We truly know the severtiy of the issue. May God bless everyone's efforts and may He multiply the fruits.
  • kool another skools we have 4 or 5 coptic skools ova here and their pretty dumb sorry yar kool its in ma prayers and God willing it will b all kool hehe i hope its better than he 1ns down here

    yar and keep us informed
    GB ALL
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