i need help plz

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alright so did anyone notice that when u start gettin closer to GOD everyone starts talking to u about religion and how its wrong i mean i was away from GOD for a while and my life in school just went along fine then the last 2 days ive gotten a little closer and i started wearing a leather cross now evryone is like raging at me on how theres no GOD i guess the cross really make the devils go wild but the problem is i wasnt prepared enough i tried to prepare before but its really hard to prove science wrong and especially whne theres six people arguing with me the teacher even got in on it plz i need help


  • Hey Kyrillos,

    First of all, good for you for getting closer to God. Secondly, the fact that this is difficult should reaffirm your beliefs. If there was no God there would be no reason for this to be hard. But the devils know there is a God so they are trying their hardest to make you doubt it. Also, there is no need to "disprove" science. The notion that if science is correct then religion must be wrong is completely false. This is a completely western Catholic/Protestant view. The coptic orthodox church has never believed that science and religion are enemies, but rather that they are complimentary. Science does not contradict religion, science is another way we see the beauty of God. When you reach university and you begin to learn in more depth about physiology, nature and science in general you realize that there must be a God. This whole world around us cannot be a random occurence, it must be planned. When you learn how exquisite and complicated the human body is, you realize such a thing could never have come about randomly, someone must have designed it. When you look at the greatest scientists of all time, many of them are Christians. Even the Big Bang theory (which scientists use against religion) was created by a monk. Don't let these people interefere with your faith and the positive steps you have taken. You should pray for them to be enlightened and to realize the truth. Science is not exact and science by no means explains everything. Science can tell us why the sky is blue and how our car works. But science cannot explain how the universe was created, how out of random molecules humans came to be. They cannot explain miracles and they cannot explain why this all exists. Where it all came from. That, only God can explain to you.
  • Dear Brother,

    Firstly, I would like to encourage you on your struggle in following your faith. May the Lord grant you the strength to continue. There is this very nice and simple site you can look through. It basically gives you little stories that are very nice: www.godexistence.com . As for the point you mentioned about protecting your faith; You really do not need to prove anything to anyone. If you do not feel comfortable with taking the offensive side for your religion you do not have to. The whole point is for you to believe and to trust in God. If there are those who bug you about it, you do not have to respond to any of them, I mean what you believe is what you believe, you do not have to prove anything to anyone. On the other hand, if you feel comfortable defending your faith go ahead, but do not be offensive. You can also show people your religion by your actions. Words do not need to play a role in everything.

    I pray that the Holy Lord may be by your side and strengthen you.

    Please pray for me as well

  • [quote author=kyrillos02 link=board=1;threadid=1478;start=0#msg23952 date=1113959794]
    its really hard to prove science wrong

  • well... u can prove science wrong

    ever heard of the theory of concervation of matter (matter is neither created or distroyed) we if it's not created, then how was earth made?

    i was wondering for a long time, the theory is not completely correct

    God bless
  • hey

    Good luck with your struggles, and may God help you come closer and closer to Him.

    Great job further declaring your faith by wearing that cross - keep it up :)

    As someone mentioned before, you can show your religion through your actions.

    You (im being general, when i say 'you' i mean people, not you specifically :)) shouldn't have to wear a Cross for people to know that you are Christian.
    Your actions, words, thoughts, re-actions etc should be the shining part of your Christian life....

    If you are being oppressed and questioned, you dont have to answer them if you're not sure of the answer... better to say 'i dont know/im not sure' then to try to answer them incorrectly, they prove you wrong and are even more conviced that there is no god.

    You shouldn't have to disprove anything... they're the ones asking you questions... so they should be defending their views, not you defending your own... be on the offensive not defensive side, it'll come out as more confident and such...

    Also as mentioned before, tell them to do their research... most of the astrologers, astronomers, physicists etc say that there is some sort of Creator (not necessarily Jesus, but some sort of higher being)... they are experts in their feild, in studying the world, its rotations, its laws, the universe and galaxy; and they testify saying that no way was this random, it had to be purposely set up and stuff like that...

    Another thing... if they beleive that the world was created by chance - its said that the chances of that are as high as a person throwing a 1000 piece puzzle into the air, and it landing perfectly well with all the pieces fitting together. It's not going to happen no matter how many bazillion times the puzzle gets thrown into the air...This shows that the world had to be created - meaning there had to be someone to do it, which is ultimately God.

    Since the existence of God is true, most people that actually do real research into the matter have little or no argument. Those that argue, especially young adults, have no idea what they're talking about and have very basic knowledge. If you were to tell them to go do real research and bring real facts (not stuff like the evolution THEORY [which is a theory not a law] or the big bang THEORY, or any of those other wierd things they have out there), they will find that its hard to disprove creation, which again shows that there has to be a creator - God.
    Even biologists, who study and understand the complexity of the body and cells and functions and stuff say that this cannot have happened by some single cell prokaryote evolving... its just not possible...

    i suggest that you just tell these people to come to you with real facts about God's existence. If they do, tell them you'll get back to them, take their research and info and do some research yourself, take the questions/points to your FOC or servants or somthing, or even post it here, and we'll help you out....

    Just dont be discouraged by a few famous theories or big words they throw at you, they probably don't even know what they're saying.

    Also remember that real, smart, productive answers don't come up on the spot, so dont feel discouraged if you can't answer right away.... such answers take time to come up with...

    Good luck with all this, and remember to pray about it - that God may help you and enlighten them

    Just my 0.5 cents on this matter...

    Take care, God Bless & Pray for me
  • "In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world" John...

    The devil hates seeing people getting close to God, the more we try to get closer, the more he tries to pull us further away. The most important thing is never let go of Jesus, keep Him always in your heart.

    It doesnt matter how many people are against you "I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people who surround me" Pslam 3, just remember that wherever you go, God will always be with you. Usually people that argue God doesnt exist , just like to argue with no point, so its better to avoid them, dont answer, and as said before, actions say more than words, just remember that you are a fragrance of Christ, you are the light of the world, and you are God's child, so try to reflect His image always (maybe they will change)
  • ONCE AGAIN! crazy copt with a right-on answer! By the way dude...Science DOESN'T prove that there is no God..it's actually the exact opposite...science really does prove that there is a God. I've been reading this book called "The Case for a Creator" by Lee Strobel....or something...not sure of his family name...but point being, he was an atheist because of science...and he was later turned back christian when he discovered that science really DOES point towards the fact that there must have been a God that created this whole complex universe...it's a REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY good book. I strongly suggest u take a look at it.
    In dire need of prayers.
  • kyrillos, God is probably using this to make you stronger, and to follow Him. You probably know deep down about God, but people, by the work of devils, will try to discourage you to make you weak. You may not be able to change anyone right away. We are to do that which is right, but the evil will go their way. Take care! Sam :D
  • [quote author=PrincessMary link=board=1;threadid=1478;start=0#msg23961 date=1113969759]
    "In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world" John...

    wel said
  • look mate, there is a thing here you have to understand.

    Quite frankly, most of these ppl at school don't know what they are talking about, sure they can say, evolution is fact, bigbang is evident...bla bla bla. Just ask them for that scientific proof, it should silent halve of em.

    Secondly, if you are being attacked, i suggest you read up on the topic, with an open mind. This will allow you to make up your own mind and get to see athiests' points of view. In doeinggg so you are in a better position to refute their arguments.

    You see I have the same problem at school.

    Thirdly, read up on theoligy as well, this you might say, has nothing to do with their arguments that rather lean towards science. BUT reading theology will strengthen yourr faith.

    Lastly and MOST importantly pray.
    You know how during the lent period, the priest say this special Fraction, it also applies to overcoming the deil and the tribulations he has set you:

    To The Hypostasis of The Father
    ’ our Master and Lord, the Almighty God, who sent His
    Only-Begotten Son unto the world; He taught us the Law
    and the Commandments of the Holy Scriptures. He
    taught us that fasting and prayers expel the Devil and the
    evil spirits. As He said: “This kind can come out by
    nothing but prayer and fasting.”

    By fasting and praying, Elijah was taken up to heaven
    and Daniel was saved from the lion’s den.
    Moses practised fasting and praying that he received the
    commandments inscribed by the Finger of God.
    Also the people of Nineveh adopted fasting and praying
    so that God spared them, remitted their sins and turned
    His wrath away from them.
    Fasting and praying were pursued by the prophets that
    they were foretold the advent of Christ many years before
    His incarnation.
    Aided by fasting and praying, the apostles evangelised
    all nations, converted them to Christianity and baptised
    them in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy
    Likewise the Martyrs gave their lives up for the name of
    Christ, Who declared the proper confession before
    Pontius Pilate.
    By practising fasting and praying the righteous, and the
    Cross-bearers escaped to the mountains, wilderness and
    caves to pursue their tremendous love for the King
    Let us also pursue fasting by uprooting of every evil,
    and by living in purity and righteousness that we may
    approach to this Holy Sacrifice, and gratefully partake of
    So that with a pure heart, an illuminated soul, an unashamed
    face, sincere faith, perfect love, and unshakable
    hope, we dare in intimacy, without fear, to call You, O’
    God, the Heavenly Father, saying: Our Father....

    Also remember:

    [move]Now when they bring you to the synagogues and magistrates and authorities, do not worry about how or what you should answer, or what you should say.[/move]

    [glow=green,2,300]For the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.[/glow]

    Luke 12:11-12

    May god protect you.
  • Hey Kyrillos02

    I can relate! Lately I've been trying to read the bible more often and etc, you know, trying to get closer to God...and it has only been lately that people have come up to me or debated stuff with me...I don't realy feel ready or capable enough to really respond to them...so most of the time I don't... or I try to... when I feel more comfortable with the topic.

    All I can really say to you is what has already been said...

    - Know when to back down and when to stand up

    - there's nothing wrong with saying...you know, I can't really answer that right now, I'll get back to you on that.

    - do your reasearch..get out there and learn, go to sermons, read books...

    and it's true...these people really DON'T know what they are talking about...there are many people who were first atheist and then became Christian BECAUSE OF SCIENCE...

    this is what happened to the author of of this book called "Physics of Immortality" (it is SOOOOOO awsome!) (I don't rememner the authors name) (he talks about how physics proves that there is a God etc..it's really great! the only problem is that sometimes the science gets a bit complex...I would only suggest it to people who have finished grade 12 physics)

    Neways..it's great to see that you are coming closer to God...I pray that you continue on this path...

    pray for me

    God Bless
  • wow guyz thanks alot for ur help and fro that great website its really nice to know that u got people that u can depend on in time of need thanks alot
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