Deacons and Churches

1) Have Coptic Deacons ever had a liturgical role that involved using the censer?
2) Why are none of our churches named after events/the Trinity? Other Orthodox Churches can have Church of the "Holy Transfiguration", "Holy Trinity", "Holy Cross", "Annunciation", ect as the title but I've only seen Coptic Churches consecrated under the name of saints.
Pray for me.


  • interesting, i would like to know the answer to this too.
    syriac and armenian orthodox subdeacons use the censer, and greek orthodox too.
    remember to make a distinction between full deacon, subdeacon and chanter / reader as they are very different.
    we are being lazy in the coptic church when we call them all 'deacons (shammas)' as only a full deacon is ordained.
  • Coptic icons show St. Stephen holding the censor.

    I have seen the full deacons / subdeasons in all churches of Cairo and Giza that I visited, till the mid 90's, perform three rounds around the church using the censors after the congregation of the saints. This was common practice but was discontinued abruptly. Maybe there is an ecclesiastical reason behind it.

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