New Forum System.

Hey Guys,

So as you see, we have a new forum system is kind of different than the old one. It is simpler than the old one and we are hoping it is also more secure.
A couple of comments about a new post:
- Discussions is home page every time you log into the forum.
--All Discussions are the latest discussions on the entire forum.
--The categories are on the right-hand side.
-Inbox is your PMs.
-[your user name] is your profile with options.
- A Discussion is a thread.
-A Comment is a reply/post to a discussion.

Enjoy and ask any questions as you get used to it.


  • Mena,
    Is there a way to shut off new message alerts? Every time I log in, it tells me all threads are new.
  • Because the forum kept the old discussions, to the system, you havn't really seen them yet.
  • Btw, this forums looks good on a mobile device. I am writing on Firefox on gs4. I wonder how is it in an iPhone
  • I just added an option to Mark All Viewed. It should make all the current list if discussions on the main page read. Try it
  • This forum system is horrible as compared to smf. I hope you realized that smf had a mobile plugin that makes it mobile friendly too.
  • This system is much more simpler than smf and we are hoping its more secure.
  • Mina,
    How do we write in Coptic? Is it the same as smf? Also, I have some technical questions for admins but I'll send you a private message.
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    Also, is there a quoting system like smf?

    The latest discussion on the home page also says the title of the thread and the initial poster whereas before, if I am not mistaken, it was the title and the name of the most recent replier of that thread. I prefer the latter, even though it's a just question of taste.
  • We are aware of those missing features and we are working on finding ways to replace them.
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    SharetheLord, it's not merely a question of taste. Displaying the initial poster is simply illogical. I do know you're working on it though, Mina.
  • Ok, it just seems that not all browsers are able to work smoothly with the new look forum.. certainly not Google chrome for mobile or opera for mobile
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    I just wanted to use this thread to test the new forum feature.  I want to know if I can use the quotation language of the old forum:

    [quote]If this works, then that would be wonderful.  It does look good on my phone.  It seems like you used this for the sake of having mobile versions, which is nice, although...[/quote]

    [quote=Mina]...there is an app at least in the iPhone that I know of called tapatalk that could convert your forum into a smartphone readable version if that was what you were concerned about, while still keeping the older system we're all used to.[/quote]

    Edit:  I guess not :(...wouldn't this compromise all the older posts people want to read, since it's so intertwined with the quotation brackets?
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    this way of coding is called BBcode. this is not int he essence of vanilla forums but i believe we can get add it on some extra work. 

    Ophadece, i downloaded chrome on my sg3 and i was able to get to the forum in the mobile layout exactly like firefox on the same device. 
  • That's right Mina but did you try to post a comment?
  • This is me commenting from chrome on sg3. The only thing I see that maybe is an issue is that there isn't any rich text options here.
  • Which is not ideal, is it?
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    This is a terrible upgrade from what you have. 

    * We cannot see who are the admins. 
    * We cannot add/insert someone's quotes on this - or not as easy as the previous version.
    * We cannot even EDIT a post as efficiently as before. 

    I think the disadvantages clearly outweigh the advantages.
  • now I know what it is. I cannot use the full site and write messags and edit them on chrome or opera.. like you said Mina.. 
  • Any idea how do I get the forum back to mobile view after I changed it to full site? Or isn't there anyway back now?!
  • Zoxsasi, 
    I have to disagree with your last statement: "I think the disadvantages clearly outweigh the advantages". The only disadvantages of the new system you see relate to posting and editing. You do not see the hidden advantages of the new system. We don't have numerous bots flooding the forum. We don't have the security issues we suffered from in the old system. I think these advantages of the new system outweigh any issues on editing and posting.

    All the issues you mentioned are tweakable. It will just take some time. No one likes change but change will happen whether we like it or not. Once we get over the initial dissatisfaction of change, the change becomes internalized and it becomes normal. 

    Pray that Mina and the other admins find solutions that makes the change of the new system bearable quickly.
  • Two questions: 

    1) How can I change my username back to "Andrew" and not my sign-in username?

    2) How can I change the settings to show the most recent comment first, so I don't have to scroll through several pages?

    P.S. It would be nice to bring back a rating system for the users (e.g. hero member, etc.) -- this is an easy way for visitors to gain a sense of author credibility (it's not perfect, but better than nothing). 
  • 1- we are not sure yet.

    2-the main Discussion page is similar to the list of unread discussion. When you logged on the forum for the first time, all discussions were considered NEW so your list is probably still full. you can hit the Mark All Viewed on the top to make all read...and start a clean slate. 
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