Where did ilovesaintmark, TITL, supermanBAM, +marmar+, Andrew, Joshua, other go?

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I learned a lot from these people when I first came to this forum. They had everything: humor, wisdom,
kindness, and peaceful conversations. But where did they go? This form without them feels…empty.
Without their contributions to this forum, we’d have no Tasbeha. People all over the world finds this site
and reads all the posts they wrote about a variety of topics, and say “Wow. There’s so much I can learn
about God here.” These people made an impact without realizing it.

  • [li]I haven’t heard from ilovesaintmark in ages. He was so witty like that. Everytime I read one of his posts I
    would laugh or nod in agreement. He and TITL were so funny together. I’m so curious: where is he?[/li]

  • [li]TITL is less active but she’s the best role model – honest to God. She’s probably the most I learned from.
    I can tell her love of God is great, and I admire her for that. I admire her in everything.


  • [li]SupermanBam is also less active probably med school? But he would answer anyone’s question
    perfectly. He’s so understanding and straight to the point.

  • [li]Ionnes is gone, but he contributed to this form a lot.[/li]

  • [li]+marmar+…(she was supposed to be my online sister, lol I remember that) where’d she go?[/li]

  • [li]Then there’s GeorgeMinaAwad, I’m not sure if he’s the same as Geomike or what.[/li]

  • [li]Even Zoxasi is less active. I remember he used to make a lot of random topics.

  • [li]And Andrew, I’ve heard from him, but why’s he hidden? He’s a really nice guy.

  • [li]Joshuaa. I miss Joshuaa, he had so much peace. He taught me/everyone so much about God through his
    posts. And at the end of each post, he would say he’d pray for a person. A good habit to learn.

  • [li]We all know that Fr. Peter left the forum. *sheads a tear*  :'(
I'm sure there are more posters that I haven't mentioned. Others like: mnc_hnn, iMikhail, jydeacon, Khas (he was also funny), even Cyril....Mabsoota is still active. I'm grateful for that :)

But this form feels too empty without you guys…come back :(


  • [quote author=CopticStrength link=topic=14747.msg166682#msg166682 date=1386338809]
    Then there’s GeorgeMinaAwad, I’m not sure if he’s the same as Geomike or what.

    Hehe thanks for that shoutout! ;D

    (And no, we're two different people  :P)

    For me personally, I've just been too busy too be as active as in the past; but I do come back every now and then just to see what I'm missing  ;).
  • SuperMAN (BAM)...med school...hahahahaha ;D
  • wait...what happened to father peter!?
  • Im here. I usually ask questions related to:

    * Comparative theology,
    * Soteriology (Apostolic),
    * How to answer protestants,
    * Chastity, and of course:
    * Church unity (a big topic for me!)

    If I'm not here, it means I have no questions left to ask.

    Thanks for asking about me. Its nice to know that I could be missed. What about Orthoox11 guy? Where did he go?? I know he got married, etc.. but i miss him a lot.
  • you can find orthodox11 over on 'orthodoxChristianity.net'.
    he and his wife are very cool people

    father peter is very busy with his church, missions in london and nearby and with online orthodox christian teaching.
    find out more on 'britishorthodox.org'
    he is also very cool, and i am sure his family are too, but i don't know them (mostly).
  • Hi CopticStrength, 

    Thanks for your concern. I still visit the forum to learn from others' posts. Studies have kept me from participating as much as I would like. In any case, there are still great contributors to answer questions. You can always feel free to PM if you wish. 

    In Christ, 

  • What happened to Iqbal? the old admin??
  • Aww, that's so sweet that you remember us! I am still alive :) And I'm still your sis CopticStrenght
    I was just so busy with University :( Still am, so pray for me :)
  • Ohh why did Fr Peter leave the forum?? Because he has a lot of other responsibilities?
  • yes, he is teaching an online course in orthodox theology and is busy in his parish and with outreach liturgies in 2 different locations!

    did you change your online name because of the change in website layout?
    good to 'see' you again.
  • Mabsoota! Nice to meet you again :D How are you?

    No i didnt change it :( How can i change it back? I don''t like the new layout honestly. It's confusing. Where is the "unread posts" button? ANd where can u find the button where you see if there where placed any new reactions to your posts / discussion in which you commented?

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