The Great Eskeem

Can anyone give me detailed information about the Great Eskeem. General info and History. How often is it earned? Why is it not a a cross shaped garment with inscriptions on it like the eastern orthodox? ( I ask because eskeem is just the arabic way of saying schema, which is the Greek name used in eastern orthodoxy. Therefore i assumed it would be similar until i saw a video of Anba Tawadros being consecrated to it.) Any info is appreciated. God Bless! I hope everyone had a Blessed Sunday


  • I have read of the Holy Eskeem. The garment given to a man once he is accepted as a Monk Priest. Usually the man goes to the Head of a Monastery and tells him of his longing to be a Monk Priest. Most times the man requesting the Holy Eskeem is taught about the life required when he puts on the Holy Eskeem, the serious commitment and is given time to prove his worth of the request. Once he has finished his trial period he is given the Holy Eskeem. I think the design of the Holy Eskeem depends on or represents the particular 'brotherhood' of Monks :-)
    I'll just say; there are a few different types of Monks in the world so one has to make a sure statement of which one one belongs to :-) I think the first one was made by the Great St. Anthony the Father of Monks.

    Blessed Sunday to All
  • Purity2, So every Hieromonk (monk-priest) is consecrated the eskeem?
  • no, it varies from place to place.
    when a man or woman has it (monk or nun), they have to pray a lot and recite a lot of the Bible every day.
    also they are expected to do a lot of good things; i don't know the details.
    i know tamav ireny had it before she died several years ago (may her prayers be with us).

    it is similar to the 'schema' that eastern orthodox monks and nuns have as the origin of the word is the same.
    i assume ours is a little rope like thing that goes under the outer garment because we value modesty and humility very highly and so ours is less obvious.
    i am not sure who had it first, maybe someone else can fill us in here.
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