Only seeing half my Coptic sentences in OSX

Aghapi everyone :)

I am having trouble with writing/reading Coptic on my Mac. Who can help me fix this issue?
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Thank you in advance!

God Bless!


  • i am not sure it's possible!
    i tried here:,12148.msg143500.html#msg143500

    and could only do it on word for mac but not on internet chat forums.
    i will be watching this space to see if anyone sorted it.
    i had the same problem with arabic, but can now write in arabic (if i can find my piece of paper that shows where all the letters are!)
  • I am actually having problems with writing Coptic in Word. This only started happening to me a few days ago. Do you know what's going on?
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    I was reading something and the English was chopped-up, maybe, I don't remember exactly, is it fixed? English is my first language.

    Edit: When I say "chopped-up", it's literally like 50/50 backwards. What's your legal document paper size? Ours is 9.5 x 11. Idk...
  • Are you having trouble reading and writing Coptic in Mac in general or MS Word (Mac or Windows)? I don't know what "chopped up" means. 

    If you are talking about unrecognizable characters, the most likely reason is you don't have a unicode font (that supports Coptic) installed. This will happen no matter what operating system you have. First try to get a unicode font (New Athena is the de facto popular font but I think it is ugly. You can download it here. There are other unicode fonts available). 

    If you need specific help for using Coptic in Mac or Windows, let me know. 
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