HH Pope Shenouda sermon on loving God

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I am trying to find a video I saw a few years ago with HH Pope Shenouda discussing our love for God.
It was about a 10 minute video and HH Pope Shenouda compares our loving of God with when we love a spouse. He asks "Do you think about Him when you wake up, or when you go to sleep? Do you call Him in the middle of the day?"

I'd greatly appreciate it if someone had it!
Thank you


  • is this it?

  • No, this one is quite beautiful too, But its not the one I was looking for.
    But thank you,
    Keep at it team!
  • I'm just going to use this thread since its related.

    I've been looking for Pope Shenouda's very last sermon on youtube, but I couldn't find it.

    Can anyone send me a link to it?

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