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Hey guys,

A couple of years back I asked about the Kiahk Ode in English. I was led to a soundcloud file. However, this file seems to be a rough draft. Some of the verses are repeated because of mistakes, stopping in the middle of the verse to restart. Many verses are skipped. I was wondering if anyone knew of a full english kiahk ode recording in English.

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  • this is truly beautiful.
    the english words are put into the tune really well, i mean without long pauses in the middle of words that people do in coptic, but sounds awful to a native english speaker.
    it is really, really well done, with all the pauses in places where an english speaker would put them, even if the tune is very different to anything west european. this is something really difficult to do!

    also i wonder if you can tell us about the origin of this song, as it sounds about half coptic and half byzantine. does it have a strong greek influence in it's origin?
  • This is a selection of psalms (known as the "odes" or the "hos"-meaning "praise") that are prayed in the beginning of the Kiahk Midnight Praises. Each occasion has its own selection of psalms related to the occasion. For example, the Resurrection has its own ode comprised of psalms related to the resurrection. Though, most people are only familiar with the Kiahk ode to the emphasis on praises during this Coptic month. As for the tune--I cannot say much except that it stays the same for all occasions.
  • Thanks Amoussa01,

    However, this is the same recording as the one on SoundCloud
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