jews search for the messiah?

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guys, check out this article!

this is very interesting.. What do you guys think?


  • man's near is not god's near, we cant even begin to speculate his coming, if we did than that would destroy the point. his coming is supposed to be unexspected and undetected. if we can make a formula to figure it out than how is he supposed to be as a theif that comes in the night?

    but it was a cool article. i dont mean to be crude or anything.
  • The Jews need to read their Bible. According to Daniel 9 the Messiah was supposed to have come around 2000 years ago already. According to Haggai, Malachi, and Ezekiel, the Messiah was supposed to come during the second temple period (which ended at 70 A.D. when the temple was destroyed), and establish a temple Himself. All this and much more was accomplished by our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    The Sanhedrin committee which the article talks about as being re-established, is the same committee that rejected Christ 2000 years ago in the Gospels and handed Him over to be crucified. They are the same people who will embrace the anti-Christ as their Messiah and lead many astray as our Lord Jesus Himself prophesied.
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