looking for spiritual books?

hi everyone
I have read the book called "the life of orthodox prayer"
by Fr.Matthew the Poor
it's a very nice i really benefit a lot

so i'm looking for more books that written by Fr.Matthew the Poor
and if you know any
just give me a brief summery what the book about
i love reading spiritual books.
if you read a book and you like it a lot and wants to read it again and again plz let me know what the name of the book.
waiting for replies


  • the book of the life of orthodox prayer is strong because it is a saying of fathers concentrated in on only topic the prayer, if you sprituall study the saying and the life of the fathers one by one, or study a certain virtue in each father in his special life or in his saying, or in the old and new tstment you will make a strong spritual notebook for your self,
    also, the book of our pope is very practical and simple :)
  • Hi bentelkenesia,

    Amazon has another book by Fr. Matthew the Poor (Matta El-Maskeen) - The Communion of Love
    Here's the link:

    You can find this book on other sites too if you prefer to get it from somewhere else :)

  • well if i want to read more books about the saying of the father where can i find them is there is a websites
    i can go to read it the books
    what other books written by fr.matthew the poor that a strong spiritually
  • here you can begin to find the saying of the fathers:

    you can write what you are need of virtue in the search of eg: yahoo, or google you will find 1000s of what you want
  • I am coptic in cairo, I read many of father matthew the poor books, nearly I study every letter and remmber it in my mind of his book : the life of prayer,
    but it is the only book which contain the saying of father
    you can contact with the monastery for any information
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