The rites for glorification

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My priest thinks its not proper to do tamgeed after the synaxarium but only after efnooty nai nan and communion. Clearly, this teaching is wrong and is not supported by the holy synod of bishops, however I need solid proof to show him that it is not just the opinion of one bishop. If you all could find something tangible with a unanimous decision with regards to the rites, that would be great! thanks!


  • hey,

    Mlm. Albeir did a lecture on it, you can find it here.

    What is interesting is that the two places your Priest (and my church) says to pray the Tamgeed is criticised on by muallem Albier. If anyone knows more information about this rite please post.

    God Bless
  • Thank you for your post. I think I will need more evidence than something from the opinion of a layman. Do not get me wrong, I love Albeir and I learned so much from him but my priest has no idea who he is. I was hoping for something like an unanimous agreement by the synod...
  • Hey,

    The rites put forth by mll. Albeir is Holy Synod approved, so if there is anyone out there you can trust its Albier. Furthermore if you listen to it, he pulls on very early sources such as Ibn Kabar and Tarteeb el Baya' (I'm not too sure about Tarteeb el baya').
    If you want you can try to post a question to Ibrahim Ayad on his Facebook page and see what he says.
    Also, the tamgeed prayed after the Synaxar is a short one and not the full one, as clarified by mlm. Albier in his lecture, maybe your Priest thinks that you are talking about the full tamgeed and not just the specific Hymns for saints and Khen efran.

    God Bless
  • Indeed, the rite put forth by Albair is approved by the Synod. To be more specific, this entire glorification book was approved by the committee of rites and hymns of the Holy Synod:

    You can find that statement on that page, and I'd guess somewhere in the book
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