260 hymns teaching so far for hymns kiahk and nativity are up already

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so we are getting starting in general fiestal hymns…here is the 7 ways in two videos


  • Thanks for your channel I learned a lot thanks to you ! Do you think you can do the long shere theotoke before the siam of st mary ?
    God bless you
  • but u have to be really bilingual to understand it!
    i actually like the random mixture of english and arabic words in the explanation, but i wonder how widely it's understood.

    e.g. 'khali barak; those two lines' instead of 'look carefully at those two lines'
    it's a fun arabic lesson for me...
  • another gem:
    'nafs il melody, different words'
    (the same melody...)
    gotta love it  :)

    you can follow the coptic words and the translation here:
  • yesterday i learnt (tried to learn...) 2 papal hymns with this site.
    it's really good.
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