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ok i read this book durig drivers ed about atheism
this is their argument:

man created a god for himself not the other way around

man is always making up gods, how do we know that one day a man didnt make up christianity (bsides jesus etc).

we have seen many miracles etc. personaly i agree. but in order to sleep freely i need some hardcore facts bc wel its hard if i personaly never seen the miracles.


  • personally when i have feelings of doubt i picture the following

    if ur familiar with the E=mc2 formula by einstein u would know that energy can turn into matter and the other way around

    if u see how much energy comes from splitting one atome, then imagine how much energy it cost to combine all the subatomic parts in the whole universe. There's no such thing as energy coming into existence from itself, nor matter, so there had to be some kind of "unknown" source for this energy, and this energy must have come from a superior being, above time and matter

    if u think about it there's no good argument for atheism. There HAS to be a creator, simply cause there's no such thing as anything that can create itself....
  • awad
    talk to your FOC bout it thats all i can say
    coz im crummy at the info. stuff
    also pray and talk to God and ask Him to open your eyes so u can blive agen and i advise u not to reed that stuff untill u get more knowledge

    GB ALL
  • Hi every body:
    I think we are as an orthdox coptic comunity we have a special faith so we can't read any book if we are not good enough to such question in our limeted mind.
    there is a say said "from the address you know the letter "
    and on the other hand we have alot of our books in our churchs and it answer alot of questions about what the other say.
    and about my self I do not read any book that's give me a feeling it's aganist our chrisinity.
    God our saviour be with all of us amen.
  • That's the whole point of Christianity..believing what your eyes may not see but your heart feels it..
  • Hey,
    I'll admit it I doubted before, I felt like: if everything works out then it's the will of God, if it doesn't then God didn't want that to happen. So at the end it felt like God was just an explaination for events we couldn't explain.
    But then it didn't take me very long to realize that I was wrong. And here's how I became certain that no matter who says what, my God is there. There's a moment and if you sit on your own and think, you'll know what I'm talking about. That moment when you know, it's not luck, it's not coincidence, it has to be God's hand that either saved you out of a horrible event and protected you or put this person or something in your life. You know it inside, you have to admit it to yourself and only you could trully realize that it was no accident, no chance, no luck that did this, that only God and his might hand could have done this.
    btw, you being alive and well is a miracle all on its own that only one God could make happen.
    I hope this helps.
  • see the truth is that atheism is a faith in itself, The belief of not believing shows the full contradictions in their ideological views.
  • we shouldn't say atheists are bad people. we should pray for them because they are troubled people. they can never find peace and they've most likely had loss or neglect that they could never really deal with therefore they believe there couldn't be a compassionate God. You simply cannot argue with them because a person's relationship with God is as personal as can be and it cannot be explained but once you've found it... you know it, and if you search for it with all of your heart, you'll find it and know it. Its not about debating or argueing or being more superior than others because you're right. its just about looking inside your soul and actually listening.
  • No one said they were bad people :) mislead is all..
  • what do atheist people live by? we live with the hope of heaven. by saying there is no god, there is no hope for a future beyond death. so what do they live by, they have to live by some sort of concept! otherwise, why do they strive to do anything in life if it all falls apart in the end?
  • hey
    i have a couple of athiest friends (as im sure we all do)
    1 of them is determined to convince me that the Bible is full of flaws and that there is no God... but he clings on to hope that he might get good, visible proof there is one, because he wants to believe, but is kinda stubborn about the 'no seeing' thing...he's lost and needs prayers....

    another one i know sees no point to life.
    he doesn't strive to do well in school, he works just enough to get the course credit (sometimes he doesn't bother with that)...
    he finds that there is no purpose in life.
    he doest care about death cuz he believes 'when you die, thats it, its over, nothing happens, you're dust'....
    he's bored with his life and doesnt look forward to very much... (doesnt have a great church like we do, doesnt participate in great activities as is available to us through church, etc)... he too needs lots of prayres.

    the point is, atheists have nothing to hang on to, no motivation - dont get me wrong, many are great ppl with good morals, and some can be better Christians than i ever can - but they still have no hope, comfort, heavnly love, peace, and grace to cling to.
    any 'code' they live by is one that they make up.... if they believe in good morals then they live their lives well, if not, then they live carelessly (im being very general here).

    the only way one can really believe in God is to experience Him.
    its all about experience really.... and through Faith will one gain such experience.

    God's not gonna pop up infornt of someone and say 'ok stop your doubting Im really here' .... but in times of trouble, that's what He does, in a sense.
    during tribulation (or any point in life), it's the Faith we have in our Lord that helps us experience Him. in a way, He pops infornt of us and says 'whats worng, Im here, dont worry'... and that's how we know He is real.

    i dont think too many of us have had the Honor in seeing Him, His saints, or His angels by our eyes, but im pretty sure we've seen Them in one way or another... through our hearts perhaps.

    there's not much proof you can give someone that's doubting - that's why its called Faith.... but you can tell them to try and experience God - and when they get the inner feeling of peace and comfort, that's when they would know He's there.

    Somthing so wonderful and awesome as having a Caring, Loving, Merciful, Compassionate, Understanding (and the list goes on) God is very precious, and accessing such Greatness isn't easy... it requires Faith.
    if it was really obvious and easy to prove, then having such Comfort through Him would not mean as much and be as precious (get what i'm trying to say?)

    because the existence of God hard to believe and prove and requires work on a persons part to believe, that's how we know it's real.... sometimes if its really easy then there's somthing wrong with it... i hope i havent confused too many ppl... ???

    "When you Believe, that's when You'll See" - "I'll See it when I Believe it" (same thing lol)

    "Coincidence is when God chooses to remain Anonymous"

    that's just my 0.5 cents on the issue...

    take care and God bless
    pray for me
  • Also to add, no one can lay claim to be an athiest unless they have studied everysingle text of thelogical views both in favour and aganist the concept of God. And since we can safely assume that nobody read every single text, then no one is fully aware of the concept of atheism, because they wouldn't have a basis of belief. therfore by this token, atheism is a social construct that blask sheep has designed to remain blind to the truth.
  • hey
    in sunday scool at church we watched this debate over like one of the highest atheist proffesers against one of the higest christian professors
    - they debated the issue of the existence of a God
    - heaven and hell
    -jesus christ etc
    this was debate was held in america and in front of about 1million people listening (both christians and athiest) and they had to vote at the end who they beleived had the best argument
    - the results were :
    97% christianity
    3% athiest
    i can get the name of the debate for use if anyones interested
    now my point lol is that while i was watching i felt really sorry for these people, they are so empty from inside and like are just concerned with the material aspects of life - i guess all we can do is just really pray for these people
    - on a good note about 600 people were baptised into christians from atheists that night from the debate
    god bless
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