Coptic Prom Ideas??

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Recently a couple churches in the area decided to create a Coptic Prom for juniors and seniors. As great of an idea as it is, however, it is easier said than done. To put it simply, we don't have any idea on what to do in order for the kids to enjoy it. Personally, I feel it is an obligation for these kids to enjoy this prom in a moral and Christian manner and to learn that not all actions of our society are correct in God's eyes, rather than letting evil and sin prevail on this well-known night. I've heard in the past there were a couple Coptic proms before we decided to make one, so does anyone have any ideas?? If anyone ever went to one, what did the servants in your prom prepare for you guys?? Please reply as soon as possible as time is of the essence.

Please pray for the success of this event.

Your Servant,


  • Dear Brother,

    I pray to God Bless.

    I personal take with childs, magic tricks. They all enjoy and like very much. Then speak with them, and let to see what they said, and advice.

    In my humble, this is I do with children, everyone likes to play.  :)

    God be with you, all.
  • This is probably a very late reply... But I though't I'd say my share anyways!

    I don't think a Coptic prom is something the youth need, for an assortment of reasons.

    Firstly and foremost, if you put yourself in a youth's shoes - they go to a Coptic Prom, then heck why not go for the real deal next? (Note: Prom's not really a big deal, at least where Im from, but it's AFTER prom thats a whole other story).  The idea of a Coptic Prom makes it less of a big deal to go to the actual thing - which I assume is what you are trying to avoid? There's great danger in secularizing the sacred.. and worse.. sacred-izing the secular.

    Secondly, a tuna sandwich is not a tuna sandwich without the tuna (I like tuna, hence the example). I would be curious as to what you guys did for the kids at prom? Prom = flirting, dancing, drinking, being self-centred and self conscious..Prom/school dances/clubbing (and yes, that did develop quickly as things usually do with youth in High school) all embody things that are not compatible with Church, or Orthodoxy, modesty, humility, etc etc etc etc etc. 

    My personal experience at prom: girls pay exhorbant amounts of money on make-up, dresses, and whatever they need to appear nice and dandy. The guys spend the night checking out girls, or rating them or whatever other nonsense they do at that age. They all spend lots of money on mediocre food at a nice romantic location, etc etc etc.
    In the end? A great waste of time, effort and money that would be MUCH better off directed to something more meaningful for the youth. Like a spiritual conference, or a group volunteering activity. Our youth have a myriad of other needs, other than having a mock-prom.

    God bless.
  • That's a misnomer; 'Prom' and 'Coptic' don't go together.. and they shouldn't... not even if the two functions are completely different. you don't bring the world into the church but the church into the world. 
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