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Hi Guys
HisVine is seeking some support from passionate dedicated servants that want to bring the Coptic Church into the technological age.

If you are passionate about technology and love to help out with church services please leave a comment :)

If you don't know what HisVine is check it out.

God Bless


  • hey guys being a person who has seen this website go from a bugged beta to an awesome fully integrated website i have to say that if anyone has any skills whatsoever or is interested in helping out with this service that he or she should do it without hesitation because this website is awesome it links together all of the churches on its broad network of various churches around Sydney and shows all of the details of its weekly routine i.e. what services are on and at what times when alhan classes are held etc etc so i urge you to become part of this blessed service and allow this Coptic social network site to flourish.
  • Thanks Kahraba13 :)

    You can also check our facebook page for more information :)


    Please lend a hand if this is something you are passionate about. We have a lot of cool features but we need people to help!

    God Bless
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