April 21 - Day of Prayer for Eritrea

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Dear all,

The Eritrean Orthodox Church has been going through a severe persecution since 2006. Our Patriarch H.H. Abune Antonios has been under house arrest for the past 7 years. Many churches and monasteries are closing their doors and many of the clergy have been forced into military service. This is a strategic measure on the part of the government to dismantle the organization of the Church.

In addition, many Eritreans who are living under dire situations are forced to flee the country. As refugees in the Sudan, and the Sinai desert they have become preys to human traffickers and organ harvesters. Many are tortured and raped in the Sinai desert by the Bedouin human traffickers and their families in the U.S.A, Europe, Canada and Australia are extorted to pay ransoms.

In light of the current situation of the Eritrean Orthodox Church and the Eritrean People, the Eritrean Diocese in the diaspora declares a period of fasting and prayer. The Diocese has grown to include 30 Churches and starting with only 5 churches in 2006. Even as new churches are being opened many who have lapsed and followed the anti-patriarch appointed by the government has returned to the fold of the canonical church. Our diocese is under the auspices of H.G. Abuna Mekarios and hold Abune Antonios as the only canonical Patriarch of Eritrea.

This Sunday, April 21, is a day of national prayer! Let us pray to God that he may forgive us our sins and return his favor to His people. 

English: http://tewahdo.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1289:a-day-of-prayer-sunday-april-21-2013&catid=88:church-news&Itemid=171

Tigrinya: http://tewahdo.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1281:-21-2013-or-&catid=61:2008-08-24-02-52-35&Itemid=54

In Christ,


  • have forwarded it on, thanks for posting it, brother.
  • Thank you Mabsoota,

    Let us all pray for one another as the Coptic church is also going through many tribulations. We shall be by the love of Gd tried and found without blemish like silver purified 7 times in the furnace.

    In Christ

  • May God be with the Eritrean people and protect them from all evil, In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit the One God Amen.
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