Attack in Egypt

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Hello all,

I am sad to inform you that an attack has killed and injured many people in Khan El Khalily, in the capital of our beloved Egypt. Authorities supsect that this was a terrorist attack.

Please, pray for peace in our beloved Egypt, and ask God to bring peace upon all the people of Egypt. Let us pray.

Sinful Servant


  • May our Lord be with all those who are affected by this attack, and be their Comfort and Strength...

    R.I.P those who passed away... pray for us... and may God comfort their loved ones...

    pray for me
    take care and God bless
  • Our forefather didn't say "Persecutian AGAIN"...the said "Persecution! A Gain" May the Lord Be with them.
  • let us pray that our lord and saviour jesus christ can keep us safe under his wings
  • yes thats true remeber everything happens for a reason so dont put a question mark where God puts a period
    RIP for all those and may the Lord repose their souls in the heavenly jerusalem
    and yes pray and God will keep us safe as a shepard keeps His lambs (what is with that not even true) safe with Him

    GB ALL
  • gud gal- couldnt have said it better myself
  • lol it dont even make sense lol

    xcuse me sorry

    GB ALL
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