pascha week book in pdf format

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heyy i really need this plzz help me owt



  • hey beshoyrm,

    Trust me, if i had it i would have given it to you on this very post...

    But I also need it...sorry!

    Sinful Servant
    (Help us out, guys!)
  • for the slow ones ME wats PDF format??

    GB ALL
  • PDF format are the acrobat reader files.
  • thnx psalmist ur always there to save the day lol
    yes i have it
    if u have the christian orthodox e-reference libraray it has evrything on it including pascha book PDF format
    $30 from your churh library?? that wher i got it form they r 2 cds i cant send u a dosk over the comp. unless u can giv me another way ill b glad 2

    GB ALL
  • yea cannu send it 2 Me

    ill pm u

    my church doesn't have a book store so i need it from there
  • thanx FROG...God saves...i just fill in the blanks :Plol
  • lol yer whatever lol :P
    yup yup sure thing ill try it 4 u beshoy
    any1 else??? while i am at it?

  • hey frog hook me up plz.
  • Hello Frog,

    I definitely wouldnt mind having a copy of it, if you do not mind.

    I dont know how you can send it to me but here is my email just in case [email protected]

    Thanks in advance

    Yours in Christ:
  • k sure thing after my study aa actually wo cares ill do it now psalmist wat am i goin to send it to exactly?? i need your email if u got 1

    GB ALL
  • ok guys i have it ready it wood b quicker if i have a bunch and send it all to every1 at the same time
    ill send wat i have now
    any1 else? i have it ready if any1 wants it

    GB ALL
  • hay guys its 13mg its too big to do anythig with it so i cant email any other ways?

    GB ALL
  • no its kool but its not working
    an other ways?

    GB ALL
  • Guess what FROG!!...the file is 13.2 MB's its HUGEEE!! thats why it wont work hotmail wont accept anything ove 10 MB's

    you could try and compress it...i havnt tried that?

    I'll let u know if it fits...or if we have any admin how would we go about uploading the file to the servers on


  • heya shnoods thanku umm chris gave me a way its kool
    so im sendin it to ppl so emails plz if u want it lets all thank chris even tho i didnt try it yet lol thanks chris life saver

    GB ALL
  • i found the actual source, so dont bother sending emails!!


    here is the link to download it!

  • thanx GBU sherry :-*

    GB ALL
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