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At the Eritrean Orthodox Church we are trying to digitalize most of the old Geez church books and eventually translate them into Tigrinya/Amharic and English. However, typing these documents has proven to be very time consuming. We recently learned about OCR, Optical Copy Recognition for Geez. An Ethiopian grad students in India has developed the program but we didn’t have any luck finding the program. Basically with the OCR you just scan books and the program will convert the pdf into word format so you can edit and format things to your liking. It has an accuracy rate of ~99.8%.  If we can get our hands on the program or even find some one who can recreate the program for us that will be great! 

Here is the primary article about the Geez OCR ;

You can help this project in the following ways:
1) Remember this project in your prayer
2) Find the OCR program of Geez or track down one of the coauthors of the above paper on facebook, linkeln etc. to help us get the program.
3) If God has blessed you with IT skills use the above paper to write the program for us.
4) If you can type Geez help this project by typing a few pages. Trust me every single page helps.

P.S. If you have any other suggestion on how to approach this project please share it with us.

In Christ,
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