I was wondering whether it is appropiate to say a hymn like apekran for a female saint like st. marina or st. macrina or st. mary of egypt.  If it is not appropiate, is their a hymn for women saints that are to be sung, or can be sung on their feast day.


  • It is not. the words are meant for Saint who are Abba's...fathers of the desert.
  • Technically speaking, you can't because linguistically the hymn is directed at a singular male saint. You would have to correct for female saints.

    On the other hand, if you look at the words of the hymn, ironically it doesn't apply to St Antony - even though it has traditionally be said for St Antony exclusively in older books. In the hymn, it says, "Hail to your tomb filled with grace. Hail to your holy body that springs up for us healing from all sickness." We neither have know where St Antony's tomb is, nor where his body was buried.

    My point, if we are allowed some leeway for St Antony, then it would stand to reason that we should be allowed the same economy for female saints. This economy should not be abused and every man sings and does whatever he wants. So unless the clergy, bishop or synod say it's ok to say Apekran for female saints, then don't do it. (especially since it would be "Aperan").
  • Ok I understand.  If this hymn does not work for female saints, is there any similar hymns for female saints.  I am particularly looking for any hymn that can be said for Saint Mary of Egypt
  • I just wanted to know about this before her feast day in April, so if anyone could help that would be most appreciated.

  • Im assuming no response means there is nothing really for female saints.  If anyone finds anything, her feast day is April 14th, so I would really appreciate it if someone were to offer anything
  • There are special hymns for female saint where you just insert the name:
    - Hiten
    - Praxis Response
    - Gospel Response
    - Aspasmos Adam
    - Aspasmos Watos

    They are in the Deacons Service Book from SUS and if you need them I can scan the page for.
    God Bless
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