Poems, Prayers and Sayings of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III in English

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Dear All

A new 64-page book called 'A Whisper of Love' containing a collection
of the poems, prayers and sayings of His Holiness Pope Shenouda
will be available for distribution, God willing, next week. Please contact
[email protected] if you are interested. Please ask your church
bookshop if they are interested in purchasing the books as that way
the postage works out cheaper for you. The cost of the book is $2
plus postage.

Kindest regards



  • wow!
    saw this just after getting back from church, so will have to remember to ask them in the bookshop next week!
    i can't wait!

    my favourite is 'stranger' (ghareeban) - is it in there?
  • Hi Mabsoota!

    yes, it's there!

    there are 40 pages of poems and the rest prayers and sayings.

    Please email me the contact of your bookshop I can contact them to try to
    get them to order.

    If anyone else is interested please send me the details of your bookshop, too.

    Best to send to this email: [email protected]

    warmest regards :-)
  • our bookshop is run by 3 aunties who have poor english.
    i will see if anyone there has an email, but i may end up sending a postal address instead!
  • I also would like a copy. I will speak to my parish library to see if we can order some copies. God bless this effort and those who laboured.

    Though, I must say, I am concerned that the poems are translated! His poems in Arabic are beautiful. I studied a little bit of poetry (and am an avid reader of poetry) and as the favorite poet, Robert Frost, "Poetry is what gets lost in translation." Poetry is about assonance, and the way the words sound. A poet who writes down words does not just write dictionaries of words to convey translatable meaning. The way the words sound (and sometimes the way they appear on a page) are of utmost importance. Anyway, I'm just ranting now, but I would love to read it anyway.

    I will speak to our librarians this weekend.


  • My favourite Poem by HH.

    Like a true poet, take a listen to how HH uses certain words, how the letters within the words seem to produce and actual emotional. How he stops at places one wold otherwise not stop; how he combines sentences in a single breath. I just want a production that honors this poets for the wonder he produced- so I am eager to say how awesome you guys worked

  • Dear Friends, please email me your churches at copticopa@yahoo,com,
    and I will try and contact them myself to get an order.

    We have tried our best- hope you're not too disappointed and would love your feedback!

    Also, why not follow us on Facebook with daily sayings of His Holiness Pope Shenouda on
    'Pope Shenouda's Words in English'

    In Christ
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