St. Cyril of Alexandria Orthodox Christian Society Launches Online Modules

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Dear brothers and sisters,

LOS ANGELES, CA (22 January 2013) – St. Cyril of Alexandria Orthodox Christian Society (SCS) launches its online mission modules, building on the established traditions and teachings of the Orthodox Christian Church.  SCS seeks to work alongside the existing ministry programs offered by local parishes to prepare the next generation of Orthodox Christians to face the challenges of a new era.

SCS is providing quality education for a broad audience by leveraging modern technology to offer online classes, thus introducing a contemporary method to effectively share the Orthodox Christian faith in our ever-changing global village.

The structure of the SCS program is intended to cover topics that discuss various elements of the Orthodox Christian faith, along with their application in the contemporary world. For the spring term, commencing February 11, 2013, SCS will be offering three courses that cover Faith and Reason, Church History, and Liturgical Theology.

Our mission is to establish a community of Orthodox Christian theological fellowship whereby prospective and current young servants, scholars and missionaries can utilize various resources for spiritual growth and leadership development in present or future Christian ministry through affordable and attainable education.

The true value of education starts with experience and praxis. Orthodox Christian education is about actualizing theological dogmas into a lifestyle of communal mission and service. We invite you to participate in our modules to experience the depth, diversity and modernity of our Orthodox Christian faith through the eyes of Church Fathers, History, Liturgical practice, and the contemporary desire to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ (Matthew 28:16).

For more information visit our website at

By God's grace, this Spring semester, three courses will be offered. My personal role will be teaching a course on the Divine Liturgy in the Orthodox Church through a study of relevant Patristic and Liturgical texts of the first 4 centuries with reflection on Liturgical Theology and its relevance to pastoral and missionary service. Please visit the website and help spread the information to anyone who might be interested.


  • Hello,

    Just thought I'd add more information to my previous post. Here is the course description for the Society's course on the Divine Liturgy:

    Course Title: The Orthodox Divine Liturgy: An Introduction

    Instructor: Ramez Mikhail

    Course Description: This course will examine the origins, sources, and development of the Orthodox Divine Liturgy. The emphasis will be on highlighting the commonalities in the different Eastern traditions of the liturgy (both Non-Chalcedonian and Chalcedonian rites), in an effort to bridge the gap between the seemingly different liturgical traditions of each family, and to arrive at a more well-rounded understanding of the lex credendi common to all Orthodox Eucharistic celebrations. This deeper understanding of the history and theology of the Divine Liturgy will be constantly applied to contemporary questions facing those engaged in pastoral service and mission. This will be accomplished through a reading of Patristic and Liturgical documents that have shaped, and/or described the Liturgy and the Eucharist in the Orthodox East during the sub-apostolic and Patristic eras, and reflecting on them from a pastoral perspective. Our discussion of key themes in these texts and of the general development of the Liturgy will be informed by a reading of book chapters written by scholars in the field of Liturgical history and theology. The course will also serve as an overview and introduction to the field of Liturgical studies, and the major scholars, trends, and themes in it.

    Please visit for more information, including application, tuition, and contact info.
  • sounds great!
    i am already doing a course right now, and the london school of orthodox studies is next on my list of things to do, but if i finish that, yours is next!
    may God bless your course.
  • Similar subject was being discussed at yahoo answers last week. I can post the link if needed.
  • This is cool!
  • [quote author=CamKrist link=topic=14199.msg162982#msg162982 date=1359113381]
    Similar subject was being discussed at yahoo answers last week. I can post the link if needed.

    Yes, please post the link.
  • Interesting letter.


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