upload folder full?????

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this is to the administrators: i was trying to attach a file to a post but when i went to go post it it says the upload folder is full please contact the administrators. so i did and there was no reply back. the files that i'm trying to attach are notes for the goodfriday songs as well as holy week hymns. and they are only 344kb each and i have 5 that i would like to attach. also could u please tell me if there is a way to attach more than one at a time.

please pray for me, god bless, rene


  • ya also i emailed the administrators 3 weeks ago and they said they will fix the problem because i cant upload any pics because it keeps saying the folder is fill but they still havent fixed it :(

    so please when u get a chance fix the problem
    thanks, God bless all of u
  • yeah i also sent an e-mail to them but no reply yet. i really want to share these notes that i have they are really helpful in the big hymns.

    i hope they reply or fix it soon.

    thanks, god bless, rene
  • Fixed....
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