The Liturgy of the Water Book

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Hi all,
First off, HAPPY THEOPHANY!!! I was wondering if any of you could direct me to the liturgy of the water (Laqan) pdf or even hard copy. Yesterday, in our church we had to follow along the anba david powerpoint, and we didn't even have a book for abouna...apparently this problem has been going on for ages..and our church only has one book, but it's all arabic, no english. I know that the laqan on Holy Thursday in the big black pascha book, and the one after the sagda is in that book too, but the epiphany or theophany laqan is the one missing. If any one could please let me know of a book that has it, or a pdf, it wud be much appreciated!
God bless, and please remember me in your prayers,


  • Our church has an excellent booklet, for the Theophany + Lakan. In fact we have one for all the major Lordly feasts, and some minor feasts  ;)

    Pm your email and I'll send you the pdf. However, it doesn't have Arabic. Only English and Coptic.
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