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Anyone know where I can find information on Abba Eskhyron. He is listed in the Commemoration of Saints, but I can't find anything on his life. I've also seen it spelled Eskharoun or Eskharon. Thanks!


  • For some reason I think his name is Abaskharyoun...

    I'm prob. wrong tho...

  • I hope this link could help you if his name is Abaskharoun:;action=display;threadid=1266

    May God bless you.
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    Thanks a lot, that was just what I was looking for.

    P.S. I believe his actual name was Eskharoun, and then people called him in Coptic Abba Eskharoun, which eventually just became Abaskharoun.
  • Fadi,
    right on the money. I went to Egypt this past summer and that's when I heard about him first. His church is in upper egypt, but it wasn't there all along. (This is a nice story, grab a chair everybody)
    In Egypt they used to have a traditon of gathering one night a year to celebrate the anniversary of all those who got married during that year. During one of these celebrations (it was in lower egypt by Delta somewhere, I forgot where exactly), there were seven brides and seven grooms that got married. They all gathered with thier families to spend the night in the church singing hymns and Tasbeha. Here was a plan at the time to burn down the churh during that night. St. Abba Eskhairon moved the WHOLE BUILDING with a water well and a tree from its former location to its new location near Assuyt. When they got out (the congregation) they found themselves in a different city. It took them one day to get back (normally it would have been a 3 day trip). The church is still in its new location, however some renevations had to be made and some parts had to be taken down from the original consturction. But the well, the tree, among other parts are from the original construction.
    God works thru His saints in many ways.
  • Wow, that is a nice story. How long ago was this?
  • i heard a story about him....
    he appeared to a priest and he said to him , can you call on me when u need help cos not many ppl do.
  • U could go on this group in facebook I am the admin of it:!/groups/StabaskhaironQellin/
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