Question about Aghapy TV

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Hi Everyone.  I have a question about Aghapy TV.  I live in the US and recently received a flyer advertising Aghapy TV through the Dish Network.  My question is does Aghapy TV broadcast any programs in English?  If not, are there subtitles in English for the non-Arabic speaker?  Any info you may have would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


  • i don't know, but CTV (coptic tv) has 'children's' programs that are subtitled and are very good for adults, like discussion classes and classes for learning hymns and interviews which are subtitled in english.
    it is really great!
    if i had a satellite, i would probably not have a job as i would be addicted to CTV!
    i can't watch it until i become holier and gain more willpower as it is really impossible to turn off, it is so good.

    may God bless u and help u to find useful tv and the strength to turn it off after!
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