Pope John Paul II

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As you all probably know, he's not doing so well and i know he's not the orthodox pope but he's a great man and we should all pray for him.


  • I definitely agree! He's a really blessed man and may God keep him safe and bring him back to perfe health
  • As for God he shall be glorified and His people be blessed a thousand thousand fold and ten thousand * ten thousand fold.
  • it doesnt matter what christianity we r- were all gods children an pope john paul II has put so much effort into the belief of christanity, may god bless his awesome works
  • God bless you and your great efforts Pope John Paul II, and may His Glory continue to shine through you and your works...
    Hopefully he'll get better, its all God's will and works...

    take care and God bless
  • AMEN guys yes he has done a lot for the catholics
    May God continue to bless him and may He do wat His will
    also i heard that if the next pope that comes if his name is peter that is the LAST pope ever for the catholiics and somthing is goin to happen to the catholic church and there will b many disbelifs and very bad time for them and many will turn away so there is a big chance there will b an increasing number of Orthodox

    GB ALL
  • true dat true dat
  • true true god preserve the pope john paul II you know he visited pope shenouda in egypt it was a touching one ..............but one thing that i don't under stand if pope shenouda was in his position (touch wood and god forbid) why would there not be much publicity on pope shenouda as pope john paul? thats wat i like to know thank you
  • yes God forbid
    but there is more catholics than copts so thats y

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  • Yea i agree with u guys, he's a very blessed man. I also heard that he was always having talks with other christian denominations and would try to bring the church back under one roof, even after everyone gave up all hope.

  • what? OUR pope has a street named after him in NY?!
  • Hello everyone, I do not know if you found out or not, but Pope John Paul II has passed away about 1 hour ago. May the Lord reward his soul and Have mercy upon all of us. Please pray that the Lord sends His Holy Spirit, the Comforter, to comfort our fellow Christians around the world.

    May the Lord Bless you all and send His grace to dwell among us.

    Your Brother:
  • come on you guys, this amazing holy man is in heaven now, and even if the world wouldn't respond the same way to our pope, thats no excuse for us not to pray for this one. the best thing he did was admit the mistakes of the catholic church. because we're all sinners, even the popes, and the best thing we can do is humble ourselves.
  • [quote author=cremedelescremes link=board=1;threadid=1400;start=15#msg23111 date=1112477984]
    thats no excuse for us not to pray for this one. the best thing he did was admit the mistakes of the catholic church. because we're all sinners, even the popes, and the best thing we can do is humble ourselves.

    I agree! I think he was a very Godly man nonetheless. He even met with President Bush and told him not to support brain stem research..(cloning)
    may the Lord repose his soul!
  • 10 minutes after Pope John Paul II passed away, it started getting reeaall bad outside..the wind, the rain..May God repose his soul. :'(
  • R.I.P beloved Pope John Paul II....

    He's in a much better place now with no suffering and pain....

    He was an awesome person- the catholics were really blessed by him...

    take care and God bless
  • God we thank You for his Holy reign and we ask You to repose his soul in the paradise of delight, We also pray Lord that he is replaced by a strong man, who will perform Your will, and lead our brethren, the Catholics.
  • i just wanna mention...

    i HOPE the next Pope will be as great, and will keep the Catholic Church as strong as it was with Pope John Paul. and that the church rules and teachings become MORE enforced and kept strong...
    ((especially now that 'gay' ppl are increasing and all the 'araf' is increasing....ugh... )))
    anywho, i Pray all goes well in d future!
  • yea
    hes a blessed man an may god rest his soul in the heavenly jerusalem
  • yes its very sad for all the catholics at this time and also other people from other denominations. he was such a blessed man i was just watching now his life story its sooo beutiful there was a bit that was soo nice and showed how humble when all the bishops were taking his blessings and an older man which was a bishop went on his feet and Pope John was on the church he got off the chair and kissed the other guys feet as he was older he is soo beutiful may God repose his soul in the paradise of joy
    also another beutiful thing was he went onto an islamic counrty (forgot which 1) and preached to all of them and saying the similarities between christians and muslims and they were all happy and clapping it was beautiful

    but it is said as i sed in my earlier post that if the next pope is Pope Peter the catholic church is going to be ruined to the max and that will be the end for catholics very bad stuff but Gods will be done

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  • Hello!

    I'm a catholic but I visit this website quite often to look for some information. I've just read what You had written about our beloved Pope John Paul II... And I just wanted to say that I am deeply touched... and grateful for Your compassion and especialy for Your prayer... He realy was a man of peace and He considerd all the people - no matter catholics, orthodox, protestant, muslims, jews - as His brothers and sisters... Perhaps You know - He was Polish. His name was Karol Wojtyla. And I am Polish too. That's why for me this situation is more difficult... We - the Polish - knew Johm Paul II not only as a spiritual leader but also as a wonderful, dear Father who had enormous sense of humour and had a great talent to bring people closer to God and who loved especialy the young people telling them: "God is love. Don't be afraid to live for this Love!".... Here in Poland everyone is very sad now but in the same time we know that now He is very happy with Chirst...
    Fully Rely On God - I've also heard many prophecies about what will happen.... These are only prophecies... As christians we are not supposed to believe such things because only God knows the future and everything is in His hands... So we should Fully Rely On God ;) not on the prophecies. The Pope's biggest dream was to unite Christians once again... There is no "orthodox Christ" and "catholic Christ"... Christ is One and we are supposed to be One Church... So let's hope that Pope's dream will come true and that there will be no catholic church, coptic church, protestant churches but ONE CHRISTIAN church.... Let's pray for that!

    Thank You all once again!
    God bless You.
  • amen to that :D
  • heya catholic
    good stuff that was gr8 yes i no hey r prophecies but i was just mentioning it sorri if i offended any and yes we shood all Fully Rely On God :) ;) :D ;D WOO YER

    GB ALL
  • Having seen all those things you had written above, I was very touched too (like catholic), because I am catholic too and I am Pole too. It is very nice that we - all the Christians around the world - are united in praying for soul of great man John Paul II was. Thank You !
    I hope there shall come a day when we all shall be one in Our God.

    God bless You !
  • thanx for your sweet words
  • heya marmar91 umm i heard it some one told me

    i got this as an email

    Our beloved Catholic reverend fathers, brothers and sisters:

    Peace and grace to you from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. On
    behalf of the Coptic Orthodox Church of St. Mark of Jersey City, please
    accept our deepest condolences for the departure of His Holiness Pope John
    Paul II on Saturday April 2nd, 2005. His Holiness Pope John Paul II had
    been a great leader and father for the Roman Catholic Church Worldwide, as
    well as a distinguished ambassador of our common Christian cause to the
    whole World. During his papacy, the World heard a consistent message of
    love, reconciliation, spirituality, morality, and sanctity of life. All
    Christendom will truly miss this blessed and holy father.

    The Coptic Orthodox Church, in particular, has a warm relationship with the
    Roman Catholic Church during the Papacy of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III,
    the Pope of Alexandria and the Patriarch of the See of St. Mark over the
    last 35 years. His Holiness Pope Shenouda III visited His Holiness Pope
    Paul VI at the Vatican in 1973. This historic visit was reciprocated by yet
    another historic visit when His Holiness Pope John Paul II visited Cairo in
    2000 and met with His Holiness Pope Shenouda III several times. Both
    pontiffs have encouraged a renewed spirit of dialogue between the two
    churches at various levels. We trust in the Lord, that this legacy of His
    Holiness Pope John Paul II will continue from now onwards.

    We are truly grateful to God for the person and the life of the departed
    pontiff. As his soul moves from this perishing world to the eternal one, we
    join with our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters in giving thanks to God
    for Pope John Paul II. May the Lord repose his blessed soul.

    Hegomen Fr. Abraam Sleamn            
    Rector and Priest

    Fr. Markos Ayoub

    GB ALL
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