confession (part 3)

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i was wondering about this for a while so i hope someone can help me w/this
if i feel that my foc isn't really pushing closer to god, is it wrong to change to another foc
also, is it ur fault if a bad pop (sinful) comes up while ur on the internet

God Bless


  • technically its not your fault if a random sinful pop up has come up becuz u didnt choose to see it or not, but u shouldnt change your FOC unless if they dont know what your saying or theire advice is not helping you
  • U dunt choose ur FOC as if your choosing a piece of meat from the market. You make a decision and u stick to it...ur FOC is your like support monitor...he records ur every move...and if u switch that mointor...then all ur previous records can be checked to see their progrss.
  • das true but if u believe that hes not helping you at all then its better that you change- but what exactly do u mean when u say "my foc isn't really pushing closer to god" liek hes not helping you enough??
  • Changing your FOC, just like Pslmist said, is like changing your life monitor, all records get lost. If you feel he may not be helping you,, try to discuss it with him first. I heard abouna once say, you can tell your father of confession, "you need to work harder with me, I need some more strict rules" etc... If that doesn't work out, you can change. But don't go FOC hopping.
    As for your other question, Pope Shenouda once said "the first look doesn't count" he didn't mean it like that, obviously, but he explained that the devil will tempt us any which way he can. Putting something like that infornt of us so we can stumble. As long as we turn away and don't look back then we over come that temptation, if we look back, think about it, consider it, the the devil has succeeded.
    just my 2 pennies
  • hi

    wat i ment by my foc isn't really pushing me closer to god is, that i tell him wat i did wrong. but he says ok god will forgive u. and thats about it

    God Bless
  • chiefofsinners...just wondering...where u from?
  • oh k yea wel i know were ur coming from because it was da same with my foc - i didnt change my focs but if i was seeking serious help an i didnt think my foc would help i jus picked up da fone an rang another priests- theres so mani not jus from my church but liek all over dere so full of wisdom. thats all jus one fone call
  • hey all

    actually i was talking to one of our priests once and he said if you feel like you need to change your FOC then go for it.
    the idea here is your salvation and if one FOC can't really connect with you, then it's fine, go with another FOC until you feel you are growing spiritually and getting the advice you need and stuff.

    my dad was talking to one of our priests and said he wanted my brother to switch from the one he had now, to the one he was talking to, so he asked the priest's permission if its ok, the priest said "when i was in the monastary they told me to avoid taking other priests' confession children, however when i came back here [the church], the priests told me that whoever comes to me asking me to be their be their FOC, i should accept them"

    yes i kno long pointless story lol but the idea is that its ok to switch FOCs.... even though the one you're with now kind of knows you, so what? he didnt know you before, thus you can re-build a new relationship with a different preist until you are satisfied with where your spiritual life is going.

    for the most part, your current FOC probably doesnt remember much about your sins or you as a sinner (by that i mean he probably only remembers your interests, your family, friends...etc), because he's got so many others confessing to him, so its ok to switch cuz they probably dont remember much and there's no point in staying if you're going no where...

    so my point basically is, as my priest told me, change your FOC if you have to. if you feel spiritually down or even uncomfortable or you find that you have no time with him or whatever, switch to another one.
    you've only got so many chances to confess on earth, and to seek advice to help you grow spiritually so do it while you can...

    you can also pray about it and talk to your current FOC too... if you dont want to that's fine, but pray about it...

    take care and God bless
  • hay all,
    i dont agree with u psalmist sorry (peice of meat lol u cum up with the craziest stuff lol ;) :D)
    good gal crazycopt absolutely correct
    i have had the same prob. exactly like u cheifofsinners so wat i changed my FOC 3 times thats alot but now God showed me the right 1 and i am doing brilliant in the first place i felt soo uncomfortable coz i didnt no wat to do coz all he told me was carry the cross, pray and God forgives :o :o
    then wen it came to practical urgent studff he wood say the same
    and no guys u must think its easy to talk to them NO WAY u woodnt dare well i woodnt anyway
    so go ahed just pray 4 it and youll b gr8

    GB ALL
  • yea my foc always says jus pray jus pray - i mean don get me rong thats the best thing 2 do but sometimes u jus wan advice 2 stop the sin from hapenin again
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