favourite sermons!!!!!!

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hey guys,

wats ur favourite english sermon?????
i love 2 hear ur responses so don b shy
god bless
plz pray 4me


  • personally mine is the heart of god and the heart of man by John Powell- jedguet priest. his sermon is soooooo good u have 2 hear it
  • i lyk SOME of the ones by amir hanna deacon timon of stuff bout our church beliefs and yer
    i hav lyk 98 in ma room and listened to lyk 8 im more interested in hymns :) ;) :D ;D

    GB ALL
  • does anyone have animore responses???
  • Please post the links if possible to any of these sermons I would love to hear them and I am sure everyone else would to.


  • ANYTHING!!! by Father Anthony Messeh.
    totally rocks.
  • where do i begin! there are SO many great sermons out there!

    2 sermons that stuck in my mind and heart were given to us one of the preists in my church... the sermons talked about crosses to carry and having a 'big heart'.... i cant exactly say the titles properly in english cuz the sermon was in arabic, but those were awesome sermons... given during one of the masses....
    he may not be a very famous preist, but he sure knows how to get to me through his talks!.... i absolutely loved those 2 sermons he gave....

    as well, anything by H.G. Anba Angalous is AWESOME!!

    God bless all those preists/bishops/pope in service for Him... they're AWESOME!! ;D

    take care and God bless

  • hey crazy copt- would u be able to find the name of that sermon. thanx ;D

    and bishop angelos is awsome - i luv him sooo much he rocks !!!!! :D
  • [quote author=dany link=board=1;threadid=1388;start=0#msg22988 date=1112310120]
    ANYTHING!!! by Father Anthony Messeh.
    totally rocks.

    AMEN! I listened to some of Abouna Anthony's sermons on www.coptichymns.net ... truly amazing, especially the one on the five loaves and two fishes.
    I also like Father Athanasius Iskander! He's my FOC, but I love to hear his sermons and read anything that he writes!
    I also have to agree...ANBA ANGAELOS ROCKS! lol...Anything by him is AMAZING! ;D
  • hey mazza
    i dont think they were recorded, they were just said in a mass on seperate occasions....]
    but if i do find out that it's recorded and available i'll let you know

    take care and God bless
  • oh k
    thanx aniway
  • have ani of u guys heard of john powell????
  • You can find many of Fr. Anthony Messeh's sermons at www.orthodoxbookstore.org (the on-line bookstore from St. Mark COC of Washington, DC). You can listen to some for free on coptichymns.net and, God willing, we will be adding some soon to www.stmarkdc.org.
  • also, you can find some in the downloads section at www.lightandlifedc.org.
  • does anyone have any english sermons by H.H pope shnouda????
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