Coptic Vestments

What is the name given to the round hat that Coptic bishops wear, like the one HH Pope Shenouda is wearing in this picture? What significance does it have?

What do you call the similar looking (but smaller) hat worn by married Coptic priests? What is its significance?
What is the name of the pointy, Western mitre-like hat worn during the Liturgy? I don't recall seeing the priest (who is a monk) wear it at the Coptic church here. Is it only worn at certain times or is it only for married priests?
What is the name given to the monastic cowl worn over the head with twelve crosses? What about the white robe worn during the Divine Liturgy? Is there a reason why there are no other vestments worn over it, like in the Eastern Orthodox Church?

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  • Now, I'm not sure how to say it in English but in Arabic the hat that bishops and priests wear is called an 'em-ma'. It's significance is to always remind the bishop/preist/pope that although they have authority, they are still under the commandment and authority of God.
    The monastic cowl that monks wear in Arabic is called 'colonsowa'.
    The white vestments worn by both priests and deacon in the mass is called 'tonia'.
    The white pointy hat that priests wear again, in Arabic is called a 'tag', this is only for married priests to wear. So the monk at your church won't wear it.
    On some occasions we do wear other vestments ontop of our tonia, priests can wear Golden robes on special feast days while ranked deacons wear something called a bardashan to resemble rank (I think there's a whole thread on this).. forgive my basic definitions but PM for more details if you want and sorry I couldn't answer anything else! Gb
  • Thanks very much.

    I noticed on the video of H.H Pope Theodoros II's Enthronement ceremony, there was at least one bishop wearing a white 'emma. Is this the custom of all bishops, to wear a while 'emma (like a monastic priest wears a white cowl) when celebrating the Liturgy?
  • Sort of related...

    If you look at the pictures of HH or at videos of the enthronement, they put three necklaces on him. I see them on other Orthodox Patriarchs but never on Pope Shenouda.  Why didn't Pope Shenouda wear them and what do they represent?
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