Tawadros or Theodosios

Hello everyone,

Concerning the mentioning of the newly elected pope during any hymn that mentions his name (e.g. Hymn of the Intercession or Akchi), will it be Theodosios or Tawadros?

For example, for Arabic responses, the thrice reposed HH Pope Shenouda III was pronounced "Shenouda" instead of "Shenouti" for Coptic responses. Would it be the same case with the Pope Tawadros II because his name in Coptic is pronounced "Theodosios?"


  • You should mention his name with the one he was ordained with...If you have a baby,
    and call him Botros...nd you go to France...his name didn't change to Pierre...it's still Botros.
    The mention of Shenouti instead of Shenouda in a hymn is wrong for the simple reason I mentionned above.
    I will let others explain why in more details, as my knowledge isn't as complete as others.
  • Thanks Cyril97, very well said
  • wouldn't it be theodorus instead of theodosius?
    i kind of agree with cyril97 but in the big liturgy books that list all the patriarchs of alexandria they are all written in modern greek, instead of their actual name, eg. Kyrillou instead of kyrillos, or Iouannou instead of Iouannis. whats up with that?
  • Coptic_Deacon,

    The Kyrillou vs. Kyrillos you notice in the hymn Evxais is not modern Greek vs. Coptic. For starters, this hymn is neither modern greek nor Coptic, it is basically Koine Greek, or what is sometimes called "Church Greek" by some. The reason it is Kyrillou is because all the saints mentioned in the hymn are in what is called the Genitive case, which is a grammatical form of a noun denoting possession. That is because you are saying "Through the prayers and intercessions.....of [insert every single saint mentioned from St. Mary to all the Patriarchs]". The Genitive form of Kyrillos (which means of Kyrillos) is Kyrillou.
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