Monastery Trip

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I am a Sunday school servant and I am going with my kids to the monastery this week. I need to do games for a 2 hours bus rides, and I have no idea where to start. I will have kids from third grade to sixth grade. I really need help so if you guys have any idea please post them.

Thank you  :)


  • How old are the kids? 

    If they can't handle a 2 hour bus ride, then I'm not too sure how they will handle a monastery trip lol.
  • do some songs, 'i spy' games and also let them have some free time, so they can do some of their own activities.
    when i was a kid, i went on a few school trips and we had lots to sing.
    most of it i wouldn't repeat though!
    in my defense, i didn't understand the 'double meanings' of some of the songs.

    i never went on a church trip by bus. that would be fun!
    do u have a spare place?

    u can also tell them saint stories, if the bus is small enough for them all to hear u.
  • (I hate competition) but when i was young, people would be put into teams with those sitting next to them and the servant leading the trip would have:

    biblical and miscellaneous riddles, points for answers.

    Read part of a verse and then ask the teams to finish the sentence

    Ask the teams to come up with spiritual songs for certain themes. [first team to think of one scores the most points..2nd team scores one point less etc...]

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