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I hope this isn't a loaded question, but I always wondered who is Origen? I've heard his name often but I've never actually bothered to look him up. Somebody told me he was a great influence in the church while others have told me he said a lot of things that the church rejects as heresies. Could someone help clear this up?



  • Origen was a second century church father from Alexandria; he was very influential with regards to his allegorical approach to the scriptures, and his works also had a great impact upon the Christological developments of the church. He is the most prolific church scholar of antiquity – he actually castrated himself to accomplish this goal – a move that was condemned by the church. Though many of his teachings are questionable – especially with regards to the concept of the universal salvation of all mankind, the demons and satan himself, I wouldn’t go as far as calling him a heretic. I would label him a church father, and a great one at that, who being a mere human MAY have fell into some errors. However, the debate whether some of his teachings are in actual fact erroneous is debatable. Many would say that he was simply misunderstood.
  • Hey Iqbal,

    Thanks for your answer. Would you know of a good resource (book or internet) that examines the teachings of Origen through an orthodox point of view? Possibly one put out by the church.

  • "The School of Alexandria - Book 2" by Fr. Tadros Malaty.
    The entire book is about Origen, hope that helps.
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