What's the main difference between the Papal Candidates

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What exactly IS the difference between each Papal Candidate? Would any of them focus on anything different?

I know we are an Orthodox Church, and not a multinational conglomerate, where a CEO could create mergers, or fire new people, or enter into a new product domain; we will always have the same dogmas, same rites, same life.

But given that we ARE Orthodox Christians, does it make any difference who we will choose? Its not as if any candidate will do something anti-Orthodox or add any strange dogma.

More importantly, what are the distinguishing characteristics of each candidate? Is there anyone amongst them pro-evangelical? Any pro-catholic? Any Pro-Islamic Brotherhood?  (for example).



  • I don't know the candidate well enough to answer your question, the Bishops are more known to the public than the monks for obvious reasons.

    Just want to comment that, selecting a spiritual leader for a church is very different from  voting a political leader or CEO...

    Our core values, beliefs and dogmas  would remain  the same. note that  all our Bishops would would continue their duty  under the new patriarch. So don't expect a lot of changes.

    The new Pope will deal with various complex issues, obviously have a huge responsibility. I bet some of the father will be happy that they're not selected!

    I think  their spiritual qualities such us humility and being wise is very significant.  Thier degree of spirituality  and their ability to deal with complex issue may be different.

    Above all, nobody knows who's best fit to become Pope. God chioce has always been different from people. there's many examples in bible and holy scriptures  that demonstrate this. that's  why the church is fasting and praying that God will select  a Shepard to flock  his people.

  • Thanks Pauli

    Does anyone here have a list of languages that each one can speak?

    The first gift given to the apostles was the ability to speak in tongues, or languages. Which of the candidates are bilingual (Arabic/English).

    We need this! I'm FED UP of sermons just being in English!

    Im even ashamed to admit this, but even our priests who have lived in the UK for 30 odd years still cannot muster a phrase in English correctly. This is hugely embarrassing!
  • so are u in uk now, zoxsasi?
    i know many of our priests here and they are all working hard on their english and in reaching out to the local community.
    one who only came a few years ago is already fluent in english and getting on well with the youth in his church.

    maybe things have changed since u lived here.
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