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I’m going to leave the forum. ppl say bad things about each other like  "ill beat you up" Or people act like they are bigger then everyone else. what true Christian sais that about a brother in the body of Christ or acts like that!!!!! Especially on a forum like this... I’m done!  Also the advertisements are very aggravating. It’s difficult to look at real topics when half of the topics listed are adz. Most of the ppl in the forum stopped edifying each other and to boost each other up. I’m sorry but this is the cold truth. bye  :'(  :(  >:(  :-\


  • :( :'( Don't leave, just take a 'hiatus'. It is human to make mistakes. We all need repentence and forgiveness.
    Seems like sooooo many good people have left this forum or do not participate in discussion anymore for those reasons you described. But be of good cheer, and have faith that these obstacles will soon be conquered in Christ Jesus our Lord!
    This is a time of travail, but I think the 'New Birth' for this forum will come soon! A bright light that will cast away all the demons that want to take control of this forum and they'll never return again. Be of good cheer....

  • I am hoping you don't leave Mark. There are problems, and the main one I see is a lack of appreciation. To feel appreciated is so important.  We need more to do away with our pride saying we know something and be strong and accept the opinions of those who are weaker and don't know so well. It is a problem of young males as females know about wanting to be appreciated because if they are to support or help in life then showing appreciation gives them reason for doing so. These things are human nature. Don't leave becuse of human nature.
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