axios coptic lyrics for archangel michael?

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hi dear brothers and sisters,
can anyone post for me the coptic lyrics for the axios (worthy) song of the archangel michael?

it's the one that uses the words 'archangel' and 'heaven' (mikhail...archiangelos...nifee owi) and is sung in churches dedicated to him. i can't find it on the hymns lyrics site.

i have half the song going around my head repeatedly, please help!


  • I would believe it is "Mikhael eparkhon enanifiowi." It would be the same words as the words from the heteni's.
  • sorry to correct you but tis axios X3 mikhiel pinishti enarshi angelos
  • Actually, in church, we always say "Mikhail ep-arkhon enna ni-feowee" and "Ghabriel pi-fai-shennoufi"
  • thanks, yes, this was the one i was looking for

    there is another one, sang at other times with 'pinishti enarshi angelos'.

    extra points to anyone who can say when each of the 2 are sung!
    (i don't know)
  • Archangel michael has a monthly commemoration every 12th of coptic month.
    Archangel Gabriel, we include him in Kiahk and almost every commemoration of the Annunciation.
  • maybe we say the pinishti one because its archangel micheal church ??
  • [quote author=kahraba13 link=topic=13701.msg160303#msg160303 date=1349346028]
    maybe we say the pinishti one because its archangel micheal church ??

    I am not against that one. I am just stating what we say in my church and the reason we do, is because it's his title, Micheal the Head of the Heavenly.
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